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  1. I always thought that Uncle Joe’s career was heroic, but now this show has made it possible for everyone else to know it too! It certainly has been fun to introduce this show to friends and co-workers, and to find out how many Uncle Joe fans are out there. I think I’m the biggest fan of all though.

    1. hi I’m a big fan of Joe’s too, I’m a 70yr old gramma in fla. and I watch him everytime he’s on. he’s awesome , I hope all our law enforcement is as good a detective as he is or was. thank him for my family for his service to our law enforcement. joann

      1. Just want to say I am enthralled by this show, but more than ANYTHING joe! He’s a breath of fresh air!!!! I wish more homicide detectives were like him! Love, love love, love you joe, and thank you soooo much! Teach around the country if and when u can!;we’ll have a lot less criminals! Thanks again, tina h. Hollis maine. Love ya and keep up the great work!!!!

        1. So amazing, to have him as a family member, my 20 daughter likes him and the show A Lot !!!!! She recently went through some stuff with a guy then got in some legal trouble because of him ( in Colorado of All places, big case recently). She stayed strong even thou her father and I were going through a divorce at the same time so it was a very hard time for her, but I am so proud of her keeping her head up and moving on. So I thought trying to contact him for a signed photo to her would be an amazing surprise. Would Love to have her meet him in person, but that’s a far fetching thought lol. Kudos to you !

      2. I’ve never tried to contact anybody on the internet email that is famous in any way shape or form. But Lieutenant Joe Kenda is my favorite I started watching the ID channel and I record his shows only. My husband said the TV’s program to automatically turn on to ID channel LOL. I loved his dry sense of humor he cracks me up I’m 51 years old and I think that he is awesome. I would greatly appreciate if you could pass on your Uncle Joe how much I think of him and appreciate him and his service to our country. Wish there was more people out there that had his morals. God bless you and all of yours sincerely Francine fields

    2. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your show and would love to meet you in person I think every law enforcement officer should take the time to do what you do

    3. I am a huge fan of Joe Kenda. I will be visiting my daughter at Fort Carson Co. at Dec. 22nd and 23rd of next month. Is there any way that you could get me a meeting with Uncle Joe?. Im coming all the way from Santa Maria, Ca. All I need is 1 single minute of his time. I just want to shake his hand ,say hi and get a pic of us with my phone. I would be one happy s.o.b. and could die happy. I sure would appreciate it Ann. My email is EMAIL REDACTED Could you let me know either way? Thanks again.

      1. Hi Ann! My name is Natalie and my husband Jeff and I have been watching the show since day 1. Like everyone else we just love the show and how authentic your uncle is. I think the authenticity makes the show. We just moved to Windsor Colorado all the way from St. Simons Island, Ga and have always wanted to meet him in person. Is there some way to do that? Either way your uncle is a great guy and I’m sure your so very proud!

    4. Hi Ann, I’m sure you are so proud of your uncle. I certainly am. We need hero’s in this world we live in and he is surely one of mine. I had lost my brother in 1984 and his death was suspicious but later called a drowning. I was 16 at the time and unable to find out what really happened to him as I was with him the night of his disapearance, I will always wonder what Really happened as my family does too, silently, I wished I had your Uncle around at that time, as I know he could have gotten to the truth. Sorry for all this, thank you for listening and Please thank your uncle for all he has done for the family’s and his victims of these terrible , life changing, crimes, God bless jackie

    5. Ann, you should be soooo proud of your Uncle Joe! He is a down-to-earth homicide detective who speaks my language. He has a lot of one-liners that I have learned from in order to live a happy and prosperous life. The last one he said in one episode is, “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” I have always lived by that philosophy and have passed it on to my children who are in their early 30’s and doing very well. I have to thank his wife, children and family (including you) for understanding his passion for justice and putting up with his long hours of work, getting called out in the middle of the night and probably missing birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. I hope Lt. Joe will retire peacefully knowing that he did everything he can to make Colorado Springs a happier and safer place to live, spend time with his family and get some major counseling for the unsolved murders that happened on his watch. All my best Ann, Joe and family.

    6. You have every right to be proud, he’s a hero. ( and a character!) Thank you for sharing him with us, I only wish I’d gotten to work with him.


    8. Hi Ann
      Your uncle is great. I will say one thing I have played baseball for Mermac St. Louis and then at Arkansas. My previous coach is in the hall of fame and I swear he looks just like your uncle. He has his same one liners. I was wondering if he has a brother

    9. Several of us would like to know what your Uncle Joe Kenda ( whom we love ) thinks about the Netflix ===== Making A Murderer=====from southern Illinois

      Thank You Donna

    10. I am a big fan of your uncle too. He has inspired me to keep going on with his dedication on each case. I would like to know if the case of a student from Grafton Job Corps in Massachusetts was ever investigated. This was my son Erick Adolfo Dastas a very happy energetic teen that got hit by a train and it was ruled as “trespassing”. I knew my son very well, he was happy and had so many plans made with friends and family. He was doing good and his life was cut short. I remember him telling me, “Mom I’m going to break up with my girlfriends because she is too crazy and I cannot handle this relationship any more”. On May 29, 2014 he left Job Corps and never returned. He got permission from staff without my consent (he was still a minor) and ended up being hit by a commuter train. His girlfriend deleted all previous conversations from his e-mails, photos and anything that proved they were in a relationship. Never showed up for the vigil, ceremonies, funeral service but instead got on a plane to Florida and sent her car with a friend. Never a condolences, nothing. That’s why I found it strange that he had to walk when she had a car and I remember him telling me a month prior to his death, when they broke up for a little bit, he told me: “she is crazy! She was walking on the tracks and I had to push her off and we almost got hit by a train!”… When I learned that the same day he told his friends he was going to break it up for good, he ends up being killed by a train… I wish someone could help me with this case. They just ruled it as a tragic accident and that he was “trespassing” but the conductor said she did not see him and she would’ve because it was still daytime and it was a straight path. Please help me or give me any ideas of what to do or who to contact. I would’ve really be happy if there was a person like your uncle. He was in still is the best. Thanks.

      1. Marilyn….Im soooo sorry to hear about your son.
        There is something suspicious [for sure] about what happened to him.
        AND the girlfriend seems very guilty with her decision to not grieve with everyone who also loved him & say goodbye….
        Be careful calling the girl “crazy”. Men resort to that adjective too much.
        The courts hear all too often….
        Regardless if she was “not right”, doesn’t mean she is willing to kill someone.
        But her behavior after is very strange….Wow…best of luck.
        Don’t give up.
        There are many good detectives out there. Someone will be willing to look into your case someday…..
        If she did this awful thing, her behavior won’t stop…wow…Im so sorry.

    11. This man is a hero!he has made this world a better place to be! I’m 54 years old and your uncle has done his job .. Plus ! You can tell him thank you from me!!

    12. Hi I’m from a small town in England and my wife loves your uncles show and she calls him her adoptive grandad. I don’t suppose you could arrange for an autograph for her please. It would make her day . thank you Sam

    13. I hate and distrust cops in general but I love and trust Kenda in particular. If something happened to someone I care about I’d want someone Kenda-esque ojt.

    14. My wife and I are huge Joe fans ! I actually have a gun museum in our home with several autograph pictures of famous law enforcement people in it. As well as a few criminals ! I have Melvin Pervis, J Edgar Hoover , Oliver North , Captain Ray Lomax , Jon Dillinger, George Bush, etc. One that we would REALLY be proud to display is one from Lt. Joe Kenda. Do you know of any way to get one ?

      Thanks for your consideration, Joe & Cristina

    15. I am just so amazed by Joe Kenda’s compassionate responses to his cases. He exemplifies the very best of detective work, and seems an amazingly caring person, and so intuitive and sensitive to his cases. I know that it must be extremely difficult for him to live his life normally given what he has seen and experienced. I know several people with PTSD and see that in him, but I also see a man with so much to give. Mr. Kenda, you are a hero in the eyes of many. Just know that your gift to this life has been more than you know.

    16. Joe Kenda shows are my all time favorite. My son and I are addicted! Please please do more shows! I have every one on my DVR. Waiting for a new season, but for now we are watching ones we already seen over and over….Love Love Kenda. No doubt best TV show ever!!!!

    17. Hello. My name is jodie lackey. First off i have to say me and my family are huge fans of homicide Hunter. And think lt kenda is a hoot. Anyways after years of watching i looked him up and noticed he was from pennsylvania and strangely enough right where my family is from. My grandfather daniel kravanja ia from yukon pennsylvania, and my mom has mentioned him spending a lot of time at the SNPJ club in herminie with a joe kenda . my grandfather passed away in 2007, so we can not ask him but would you be any relation. My mom mentioned his wife being named helen. If you could please message me email with any info.

    18. Me and my granddaughter would love to meet Joe kenda we are a big fan of his we live Rock springs Wyo I would love to him before I die I got a lung disease that’s no cure we love a autograph we would even meet him at the police station in color ado he is a very special man to catch all them people at least the world is a safer place hopefully you us meet him god bless you

    19. Hi Ann… My name is Carla Haley (aka Pierce). I used to work at the PD with Joe. I would love to talk to him sometime. Would you give him my email address and have him drop me a line? I was a Police and fire dispatcher for 25 years. 🙂

      1. Thanx for your hard word Carla…Love that name by the way!
        You are very lucky to have worked with Det. Kenda….Im jealous!
        Stay safe…..=]

    20. hi, i think joe is amazing! i am about to graduate high school in june and then will be moving onto college in july for my associates in criminal justice. since i was an 11 year old girl I have been wanting to be a homicide detective and when i had seen his series on the id channel (big id channel fan) he has been my inspiration to be an upcoming homicide detective. I would love to meet him some day and talk to him. He is by far one of the people i look up to i hope i’m at least half as good as him when i become one. is there any way i could meet him someday like tickets or something?

    21. Hey, Miss. Kenda.
      I would really like you to relay a message to your Uncle, my town has a missing teen and the police want help us look for him, they just label him as a run away. please We really need help!!!

    22. Dear Ms. Ann, If you are Det. Joe Kenda biggest fan then I am his 2nd biggest fan for the some of the many reasons below. Just to give you a little perseptive on who or what type of human being I am, I have a A.S. in film and video production and a B.S. in Sociology, a cosmetology liscense, and a land survey certificate. 1st it only took 26 years for the networks to show a REAL CRIME DRAMA on T.V. however it was worth every second of those 26 years for them to air such a down to earth human being, to really bring bright light to WHY people do what they do and that bright light to the very darkest side of us human beings. The way he talks about the crimes on every show and I mean every show is so down to earth and for those that are watching it makes you start thinking about life, yourself, questioning yourself if YOU could ever do amy of these things, like your husband what makes the human beimy so dangerous is our emotions. I LOVE YOUR SHOW and I try not to miss a episode. I tried to win a walk-on role however that being a dream come true it just did not happen. Thank you for giving me and enlighting me on the real real horrible things that are happening out there in this world and. I do thank God for Mr. Joe Kenda for all ways getting them. At 55 years of age though I still have alot of trust in our fellow human beimgs which I am trying to break Down but Truely it is not of my make up. The new BBQ commercial just came on about 15-20 min. ago and I just wanted you to know how fortunte you are to have such a WONDERFUL human being as a soul mate in this life and how many lives (ALl IN A GOOD WAY) that he is making a impact on and I am talking about a SEVERE impact on people’s thoughts and actions. Thank you again. Lisa Ann Martin

    23. Lt. Joe Kenda,

      How do I get a signed autograph of you and the young man that plays you on the show. Sitting here today on Memorial Day watching your show. Love it!! Keep them coming!

    24. I’m sorry to be of any possible bother but I ask of a way to contact your uncle for my fathers birthday.

      1. Awwee… sweet.
        I hope that you were able to get that surprise for your uncle.
        I don’t have a close knit family….and I SOOO wish I had.
        When I hear stories such as yours, I get emotional. Keep being you!!
        I will keep your uncle in my prayers….and you!!
        Best of luck!!

    25. I’m watching an episode where a dog tracks a bad guy…..”Stop or I’ll release the dog”……made me cry……these great cops & dogs sure don’t get the credit they deserve. Joe is a real life hero & I just want to thank him for all his work & sacrifice. I’ve just discovered Joe & have purchased all the seasons available of his show. I hope he gets some portion of the proceeds….he certainly deserves much much more for all he has done to stop bad guys. Thank you Joe from the bottom of my heart.

    26. I love your uncle joe I watch every episode and I love his personality I would love to meet him but I’m not lucky enough to ever get that chance I live in Pennsylvania so im definitely to far away to every meet him but I just wanted u and your uncle to know how much me and my husband live him and thankful for everything he had done definitely need a lot more people in this world like him

    27. Yes indeed. There are millions of us and for good reason . I read183 countries , that’s great. I have the highest respect for your uncle Joe . Religious people will pray for him . I will wish ( same outcome ) he sleeps in peace every night. I mean to say this line of work is for a select group of men and women. Nightmare material for many . I hope his resolve is enough to still any bad dreams . I’m sure the love of family and all the greatfull families he helped is reward . Stay well , happy and safe .

    28. I lost my brother to lung cancer many years ago. Like Joe, he was a homicide detective for many years in Jax, Florida. While scrolling through TV channels, I came across Joe’s show. I couldn’t believe it! It was like God brought my brother back in the form of Joe. Their mannerisms and insights are almost identical. I watch Joe all the time now! The only thing I haven’t heard Joe say that my brother always said was that if you listen very intently, the dead will speak to you! Please let him know! My brother would be 75 now.

    29. I love the guy. Talk about a “dead pan” sense of humor!. Has he EVER smiled?
      Joe Kenda is the BEST. If you really his niece, you’re lucky


    30. This show is wonderful and Lt Joe Kenda is so intelligent and confident about his work it makes him the sexiest man on tv.

    31. Hello Ann Kenda,
      I find your Uncle to be the coolest man on the planet. He’s my hero. As a matter of fact he’s the one who inspired me to go to school to be a cop but unfortunately I can’t afford to go to school. I wanted to go on the Cruise but I can’t get anyone to go with me. I was hoping I could write a letter to him to maybe get an autograph or something. Maybe even come over to my house so I can get a picture with him. I just can’t seem to find his mail address. Please help me out. 🙂 Thank you for your time.

    32. That’s awesome. Let mr kenda know he is a role model to young men like me. I lost my mom to murder. Since August 24 2014 all I’ve been interested In is homicide investigation. I wasn’t treated fairly and kenda is the prime example how all detectives should take there job. God bless mr kenda

    33. I love your Uncle Joe to me he’s a REAL LIFE Clint Eastwood, !! I have the biggest crush on him too, they don’t make men like him anymore, makes me want to move to Colorado Springs! !!! Lol

    34. I really enjoed meeting joe and kathy last weekend in silver spring. Made my day 🙂
      I was the one in the red wheelchair. Was wondering if he has any 8by10s that he could sign and perhaps send me one… I know, asking for alot and he is really busy, but never know…doesnt hurt to ask. really love his show!

      1. Hi Joe. I used to have coffee at the Dennys on North Academy that you and your detectives used to meet at in the morning. Somehow I surmised you were wth the police dept. it’s exciting to know I saw you back then. The guy who plays you, looks just like you did.

      2. I live in Britain in the North West of England. I love watching Joe Kenda cases. I love his focus, his attitude and just about every thing about him. I particularly liked the episode when Joe got him first murder case. (when he found the ID bracelet). He seems like he’s quite a colourful character. Well done Joe for a job well done.

    35. Hi just read the Liverpool echo in U.K. At the back page there is a advert wake up hunt serial killer repeat what a man I watch him on sky crime channel need someone like him over here

    36. How did your uncle get his scars? I adore him…AND I am addicted to his stories & esp how he tells the stories on his show!!!

    37. Hi i am a big fan of your uncle. I live in littleton and own a Italian family restaurant called Romano’s i would absolutely love iifMr kenda and his family would come in for dinner sometime. We have been in business since 1967 and i would love to meet him

    38. Me and granddaughter love Joe kenda we watch all time I bought a shirt with his face and his saying but was to small where I get a bigger shirt with that on please tell me thank you

    39. Hi Ann, I am from the UK and I never miss an episode of Homicide Hunter. We have many good detectives over here in various cities but I do wish there were more from the mould your uncle Joe was made from. You are right to be proud of him, I’m Scottish and I’m very proud of him. I must also say I am proud of your aunt Kathy as she stood behind Joe for so many years while he was a Detective. He seems to be a loving family man so I hope now he and Kathy have lots of time for each other.
      Regards, Karen.

    40. I am a huge fan but not as big as my grandfather. He is always so happy when he watches his show. I am interested in sending mail to Mr. Joe kenda and maybe getting an autograph for my grandfather. I would love to be able to communicate with Mr. kenda and get an autograph. Thank you so much. I am so happy I was able to contact you.

    41. My fave show. Who is the young woman on the trailer who plays the victim and then winks. She is dark haired and wearing a black t-shirt and jeans.

    42. I am a huge fan of your uncle, Lieutenant Joe Kenda. As a registered nurse I am currently studying for my certification in forensic nursing. Two courses to go!! I am wondering if he would have any suggestions regarding what I should look for in a possible internship in ME’s office. Thanks a million.

      Lori Ann Chepolis, RN

    43. I wrote last year to see if theres anyway we can meet joe kenda we are big fans me and my granddaughter he is so amazing it would be a honor to meet him please let us know

    44. Lt.Kenda is so cool.I’m studying counseling and watch very carefully to how he questions people. May God bless him for all the work he did.

    45. I have a huge crush on Joe. His understanding of psychology, his wry humor, his intelligence and his compassion “get me.”

    46. I wrote him a letter a few years back but don’t know where to send it. You see we lost our son Oscar Nathan Hernandez Jr Irving Texas it will be 8 yrs March 209th. I have some ??a for Mr Kenda. The paper said he drowned but we know he was killed. No body will help us prove that. I watch these shows and witness how hard Mr Kenda worked for his victims and families just wish we had someone that caring here. Well thank you for listening May GOD bless you and your family

    47. Dear Ms Kenda,
      You are so lucky to have an Uncle Joe! Can you please help me out with my, JOE KENDA FOR PRESIDENT campaign? Ask him if he might consider a heroic good deed? JOE KENDA FOR PRESIDENT!

    48. Dear Mrs. Kenda my name is Analysia Avery and i have been following your husband’s shows on ID the HOMICIDE HUNTER and the reason why i am writing to you is because i would like to know if i could have a photo of your husband

    49. Joe’s show is my favorite. Feel like I know him! Also our big rig truck broke down on a bridge in Colorado Springs one time and the Patrilman who came to our assistance was so nice. He got help for us. I wush I knew who he was so I could thank him. Tell your Uncle Joe that so many of us love him. Wish I could meet him & family.

  2. “Bad Moon Rising” is genius!! Spot on for this show. I will always think of a foggy, misty, late night, when a chain smoking detective is on the prowl, every time I hear that song again. I am so happy that Lt Kenda is getting the recognition he deserves. He dedicated his self to the study of the darkest side of human behavior. Surely the streets of Colorado Springs are much safer today, b/c of his determination. I hope he and his wife get to travel anywhere on the planet their hearts desire. It is fabulous that his family has gotten in on the Joe Kenda “craze” and also having fun!! The whole Kenda family have been very gracious to “share” him with the world. We thank you~

  3. Dear Lt. Kenda:

    I am a big fan of your show. I appreciate so much what you have done in your career and what it takes to do homicide investigation.

    Years back I was sexually assaulted by strangers on the street in both Cincinnati, Ohio and Minneapolis, Minnesota. I reported these assaults: the homicide detectives who came to investigate were tough, kind, and took me seriously. I am forever grateful to them and others like you.

    God bless you all!

  4. My daughter and I so admire your show and style of detective work. It is because of this we would like to ask your help/advice on something very personal to us. My ex-husband was shot to death in Masontown, W Va on January 11, 1993. Two weeks later the owner of the building where my ex had leased and was killed was shot execution style but no one was ever charged. The person that shot my ex was tried and remarkably found not guilty. Even with all the good testimony given. It isn’t a coincidence that the man owning the building was killed two weeks later. Nothing was ever done and no one wants to bring this man to justice. We know about double jeopardy but we always hoped he would at least get caught for the second murder. Could you please help with this? It has been eating away at us all these years as you can imagine. Whatever help would be appreciated . Lucy

  5. My name is kyle rector
    In 1991 my dad David lee rector was murder. As I was only 1 1/2 at that time. As I grew up I was always trying to find someone who has worked on my dads case. I been trying to find out anything I can. His case is now a cold case of 24 years. I am in contact with cspd from time to time but would love to hear back from u sir I thank you for your time.

  6. Good afternoon Lt. Kenda:
    I am just the usual fan, but find the way your mind works fascinating. You work through everything in such detail and focused thought. I have tried to incorporate this into my own life and I am grateful for your example. The results of your life work are astounding.

    I pray that you will have a long and fulfilled life. Thanks for a job well done.

  7. mr kenda , you rock ! I watch your program when your on , never miss it, thank you for your true crime shows, we in my family are all fans, and hope you’ll be continuing for a long time to come. I had two second cousins in nj that were detectives , now retired and I’m still trying to find them. I’m 70 yrs old now and I bet they could tell some stories also about they’re careers. I wish I could get in contact with them, who knows they might be in heaven by now. anyway, love your show and God bless you for all you did in your service to law enforcement. ps I just bought a nypd ball cap from amazon too hahaha, and I wear it. God bless our lawenforcement guys our there. oh and st. Michael the arch angel is the patron saint of all police officers too.

  8. I don’t have a question but want to say that it’s great to read the background to the cases on this site. We all know that for TV facts are omitted, changed or sometimes dramatically altered. It’s great to see that the show is basically as accurate as you can possible expect.

    I love Joe’s delivery and the thinking behind the cases. I particularly like the wry sense of irony and dark humour. I’m sure Joe would be a delight in person. I have read (and I hope its true) that his part is shot without a script in a straight to camera setting. Obviously there editing and takes, but the authenticity of the telling is what makes this show so special.

    Impressive too is Joe’s reading of peoples personality, listening to their stories and for the inconsistencies that show a person to be a potential suspect.

    He has also confirmed my thoughts about lie detectors. I live in Australia where they are not used, in fact I don’t think they’re used anywhere outside the USA. I’m sure they can be a useful prop but so many innocent people don’t pass them and a surprising number of guilty people have been overlooked because they pass them that you can’t rely on them. It’s sometimes quite shocking to see the blind belief that other law enforcement officers have in them.

    Great show, great stories, and thank you for filling in the background that adds that extra insight.

    Neil (Sydney, Australia)

  9. Dear Lt. Kenda: I have been an ardent fan of your series since the first time I watched it. I am so disappointed to read that they are cancelling the series! I thought that we could go through the rest of the 387 cases and even the 13 or so cases that were not solved. It is a brilliant series and has a broad fan base. What are they thinking??? I know that there is a new line-up on the ID Channel, however, in my opinion, none of these compare to Homicide Hunter. They’re good, however, pale in comparison to your REAL reinactment of these cases! You are able to weave a fine tapestry, so to speak, and allow us to get a glimpse of your world. Please tell me what I can do to protest to the ID Channel —- I hope to see you, again, as a commentator, or in your own series. Best of luck to you! Sincerely, Marianne

  10. Lt.Joe Kenda I have a little music trivia for you…..who sang the song with the verse “Hey Joe Where You Going With That Gun In Your Hand” Send your Answer to [redacted]………….Thank You For All That You Have Done, And We Love Your Show…..And Your Style.

  11. RE: Shelley Connolly, 16, was brutally murdered 1/7/78, in Alaska. Her body was found next to the train tracks off the Seward Hwy. She had been sexually assaulted, beaten, dragged behind a car, then thrown down an embankment. She was last seen that evening at Chilkoot Charlie’s bar, talking to four men. Detectives were trying to locate a man known as “Pinkie” who lived in the Kenai, AK area. The murder is unsolved. Supposedly, there was someone’s DNA at the crime scene.
    Now The Alaska Bureau of Investigation’s cold case unit, that investigates murders like Shelley Connolly’s is going to close on June 30, due to budget cuts. Therefore, they no longer will investigate Shelley Connolly’s murder. Could LT.Joe Kenda please investigate Shelley Connolly’s murder? If not, could he please refer cold case investigators to investigate her murder?
    *For more information and photos, Google: Anchorage Daily News, May 3, 2015, Family clings to hope in an unsolved murder nearly 40 years old (or Shelley Connolly murder).

    Thank you for your great work. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

  12. longtime watcher great show , but I have a question , in every show there is a close up of the “young Kenda ” lighting or smoking a cigarette , is there a message ? , could you perhaps explain the reason.

    1. In the opening show of Season 5, when you and your officers went to the front door with all the blood on it, why didn’t you and everyone stand to the side of the door? I was worried the idiot behind the door would shoot straight thru the door at you. And when you entered and saw the idiot with the bloody hands, why wasn’t your first question …is anyone else here? I didn’t hear any officers say “clear”. What if he had an evil twin under the bed with a gun?

  13. What a great idea for a website. I’m a West Coast writer who was introduced to Lt. Kenda through my reporting on a true crime book about a bizarre case of police corruption, con artists, and the strange allure that fame has for some people. Joe was very gracious with a long interview and candid thoughts about the case, and I published this interview about his career and the Homicide Hunter show.

    Joe and I became friends as I finished the book, and he was kind enough to write the forward to the book. It was an honor to have his contribution to the book, because he’s a straight shooter who became an accidental celebrity through the success of the show. Not only is he very qualified to comment on crime and police procedures, but he is qualified to discuss the instant celebrity that comes from television.

    Here is the link to the book on Amazon. I’ve been receiving a number of positive notes from law enforcement pros and Homicide Hunter fans since it came out. A movie is in the works!

    [admin note: We don’t allow links to things for sale in our comments because of spam issues so this link was removed, but we left the description in case anyone wanted to look it up. Thanks for sharing, Pete!]

    1. I recently purchased your book and love it. I was wondering if there was anyway that I could get it signed by you guys. It’s my favorite book and it holds a special place next to the chair I read in.

  14. My wife and I watch every show on ID and yours is our favorite. We love the actor that plays you too, I’ve seen him in other shows but he is right on for your ID. My wife is worried about how it was possible for you, as aware of your surroundings that you are, you could have possibly received a cut or bullet to the nose. Mind it you are a very good looking man but I need to satisfy my wife’s worry that anyone would or could hurt you.
    Sincerely, Michael & Janice Shimanek

  15. Dear Lt. Kenda

    My name is David Brighton I work for the Boston NCIS as a agent for the homicide unit
    since 1994. I need some help to help identify a Jane Doe case from 2000

    Here is the Story
    It was on November 12, 2000 a disturbing discovery was made on the property of the Soldiers’ Home in Chelsea, Massachusetts. The headless, handless, toeless body of a light-skinned black female that was between the ages of 17 to 25 years old. Even more disturbing, her heart had also been removed. In 2004, the head, and hands of the victim were found in a container on a beach in the town of Nahant. Surveillance footage and good detective work. eventually led police to a man named Eugene McCollom who was convicted of the murder. He told authorities that he believed the woman was named “Lisa” and that she may have been from Philadelphia. She was a prostitute in the Boston area with short reddish hair. McCollom killed the woman after an argument about payment regarding her services.

    1. I do forensic facial reconstructions, if you have her skull I can reconstruct her facial features if you don’t have any useful photos of her for identification.

    2. That story is so sad….Im proud that you are [still] reaching, trying to get this girl a name.
      I live in Quincy, right next to Boston. Im proud to have you working close to where I live.
      Good Police officers are hard to find. One officer, who I just had an altercation with, handled my problem terribly. I have no respect for him.
      As he spoke to me, his badge got bigger and bigger. AND he actually lied.
      I can’t say anything to him cuz my husband is afraid of having repercussions from the police…..Imagine that??
      Then [I feel] I have to wonder why there are “Black Lives Matter” protests out there. Now I get it!!!
      Those people are right, if you really understand the message, that ALL LIVES MATTER. Thats what the message is really saying….
      So thank you for being a good Officer….From how you represented yourself, you seem like all people matter and are important!
      Thank you Officer Brighton!! You are right up there with Det. Uncle Joe Kenda.
      WOW….thats a high position to be in!
      Best of luck!!

  16. Dear Lt. Joe:

    Just wanted you to know how much you are loved and appreciated. You are truly an amazing human being. Your character, wisdom, empathy, integrity and love for the truth are remarkable and admirable. Joe, I grew up without a father. Well, I did have a stepfather, but he was very abusive and demeaning. I was quite withdrawn growing up and, as an adult, I succumbed to alcoholism. I’m a writer, and at the time I was growing by leaps and bounds in my career. But once the booze took over, I ended up losing everything. I wound up a homeless derelict, sleeping under highway bypasses and other sordid places. Long story short, I tried to take my life several times. By the Grace of God I failed each time. At an ultimate low, I still don’t know how… I found the sudden inspiration to take action and clean up my act. This year, in December, I’ll celebrate ten years of complete sobriety. My writing career is still against the ropes, but I have faith that I will find my way, someway, somehow. My point in saying all of this is that, after being sober for several years, that pain and sense of rejection (and inferiority) from not having had a father came back to assault me. But God sent me an angel to soothe my heart and motivate me to overcome. Yes, Joe, that angel I speak of is YOU. Indeed, you are everything I could ever want in a father; and through the program, I have come to look at you as such. You are the perfect model for what it truly means to be a man. Being ‘male,’ is one thing, but being ‘a man’ is quite another thing altogether. And that is what you have taught me to strive towards through your show. I apologize for the opus, but I really wanted you to know that you are touching people’s lives in ways you cannot even imagine. Thank you ‘pop’ for all you have done and continue to do. You are loved and appreciated. I’ll see you in Season 5!

    Warm Regards,


    1. Wow Dave!!! And what a true MAN you are!!!!
      I loved reading what you shared for everyone to read….
      Sorry but I intruded on your letter to good ole Det. Kenda…
      What a role model he is! Im happy for you & everyone out there who has to pleasure of listening to his great wisdom & courage….and respect for life that he has.
      Stay strong…you are not alone. I have a very close friend that shares your story. However he never got that ‘step dad’ that you unfortunately had to endure.
      But while getting to know him, he hurts the same way that you have expressed. Being a ‘man’ seems to be so difficult for some men….but I feel that you have figured it out!!!
      Just be you!!!!
      Jackie From Boston

  17. Hi Lt. Kenda

    My partner and I just love your series. Specifically your delivery, humor and all. Keep up the great work and show.

    If ever you’re in Cape Town, South Africa, let us know, we’d love to interview you on One FM. We could sure do with a few Kenda’s in SA. Murder and violent crime is big here.

    All the best,


  18. Sister died from gunshot wound to head and they ruled suicide , never a invesgation, she was right handed but used left hand. I have called many times asking for answers and got nothing. The husband got married the 4th of July and she died on May 2nd, 2015.

    Homicide detective gave no information about the case and I have called weekly and he only talked to me once. I called today and he did not like what I was asking and he hung up on me.

    This sister did not know where the guns were even located but the husband told her knowingly she would go and get the loaded gun so why no charges for that I wonder? I have seen plenty of cases where husband was charged for stuff like that, involtary manslaughter or Negligent Homicide.

    1. Also there are conflicting stories about how this so called death happened. The detective never took any statements nor did they talk to anyone except the 2 who had money coming from her death. The daughter and the husband.

  19. Hello Joe, my name is lieve and I am 17 years old and living in Ireland, I am a big fan of your show and I was wondering would u be able to give me some advice on becoming a homicide hunter I am very interested in solving murders and giving families the justice they deserve hope to hear back from u soon lieve

  20. I’m extremely pleased that this great series has been restored.

    The portrayal with Lt. Kenda’s comments make this a must see program. Thanks

  21. I would like to know if there is any way that my husband can meet Joe Kenda. He doesn’t get excited about too many shows but he really loves this show. He thinks there is nobody out there like Joe. He is retired Army and our son is in the Army now and stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado so it kind of hits close to home for us in some way weird way. We would love to get the chance to meet him one day. Does he do any appearances?

    1. Once my friend told me about the show I became big fan. Being left hand myself, I noticed the ‘realJoe’ was a lefty as well. Joe also carried a Kimber 1911 in his left handed shoulder holster. Why then is the actor playing Joe carrying a Glock and is right handed? Some might think it’s a slight detail, but if the director wants Joe chain smoking for realism, how could he have overlooked what any left handed would blatantly see? I wonder if Joe said, “well, well, well, you couldn’t get a chain smoking left handed actor as good looking as me?” My, my,my….
      Our society owes this great man Lt. Joe Kenda a debt of gratitude for all the cases he solved and for sharing some of his most heartfelt stories. I salute you Joe Kenda. You are a great detective and wonderful man.

  22. Like so many others, I am a huge fan of the show. When Lt. Kenda talks to the camera, he is talking to the viewer and those moments are, by far, my favorite part of the show.
    I would be very interested in a show that highlighted “the one that got away”. I can only imagine that even a career as successful as your there is surely a case or two that still gets under your skin.

  23. I am a fan of your show, The Homicide Hunter. I truly enjoy it. I especially like your sense of humor which clearly shines through in a show which otherwise would be
    sort of depressing. Because of that, I can sit and watch one after another and continue to enjoy them all. I have always loved detective stories and trying to solve mysteries. I have one in my family. My sister-in-law,
    Nina Ann Finch Nicholson, back on 19 Nov 1979, was found murdered in the Out of Sight Bar in Reno, Nevada, where she was working. Her throat was slit. The police believed it was a robbery gone wrong, however, it happened on a Monday night, a really unusual pick for robbing a liquor lounge since Monday nights are notoriously dead, business-wise. Nina was married and had two little boys who are now grown. The crime was never solved. I spoke with the Detective in charge of the cold cases in Reno and it is still unsolved. I sent him photos of her and am hoping that he may uncover something at this late date. These are the things that never leave you, no matter how many years go by. I think about it often. I have a newspaper clipping from
    the time which named all of the unsolved crimes in the area, hers at the top of the list. I noticed that she was the only one whose throat had been cut. I think the person who did it wanted her dead, period. I sure wish the Reno Police Dept had a seasoned detective who would take a real interest in this case. The one working on it now said that there are over 2,000 pages in the case and some DNA from cigarettes and a beer bottle; but, oddly no fingerprints. I wonder if the answer is in that 2,000 pages somewhere?

  24. OMG…this is the BEST show. I have been hooked since day one. Lt. Kenda is just fascinating. It is even more interesting to know he does these shows unscripted. What a great detective. Wonderful to know the lieutenant is happily married and is able to enjoy his wife and travel. Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge and showing how ugly the human being can actually be. Sad.

  25. Dear Lt Kenda me and my son loves your show every time it comes on we watch your show together you are a saint and my son though of something like a game staring you lol

  26. Hi Joe. I am 70 and live in Melbourne Australia and love you on your show and never miss it.
    I want to know if you really smoke as many cigarettes as the actor playing you.
    I hope not because we all want you around for a long time and you must know that they are no good for you.
    Can’t you please try and give them up. I was a 40 a day and gave them up 35 years ago.
    If I can do it then you can too.

  27. Please Please let me meet Joe Kenda! It’s on my bucket list. I never ask for anything. I just want that one dream to come true.

  28. Dear Mr kenda, I cannot express in my own words how much I Love this show you are the star in. I never miss it. Not only is it exciting but it’s so real. I will say this…I am so much more careful now about being aware of my situation and surroundings than I have ever been in my life. That’s because of your shpw. And my two very precious daughters have to listen to me time and time again about the safety precautions a young woman and any woman has to take today to be safe. I also want to say that I think the younger Joe Kenda portrays you perfectly. Lol and he is very attractive I might say hahaha. I had to say that. I’m an honest truthful woman. I truly wish I cld get your autograph and the name of your book? It would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou Mr.Kenda for all the families you’ve helped so much in their time of loss and pain. You brought these families closure and that is so unbelievable
    Your a great man. Thankyou, Angela Gillis

  29. Detective Kenda, Just watched you first case. You an epic affirmation and proof, beyond question what it means to be a cop. I’m impressed with your demeanor, and I have no doubt that there isn’t an animal on 2 legs that could get your heart beating above 70bpm (I pick that number primarily because Niel Armstrong’s never got above that as he was landing on the moon) I admire you my friend, Something that for me is increasingly rare these days. As we in the Marine Corp say “stay hard” and “Semper fidelis.

    Bruce A Cook
    USMC Ret.

  30. Lt. Kenda,

    I am pursuing a career as a homicide detective. You are one of my biggest inspirations and I have been hoping to get in contact with you so that I can get your advice and tips. I would really appreciate anything you can help me out with!

    Lauran Travis

  31. Lt. Kenda,

    I am pursuing a career as a homicide detective. You are one of my biggest inspirations and I have been hoping to get in contact with you so that I can get your advice and tips. I would really appreciate anything you can help me out with!

    Lauran Travis

  32. My wife and I started watching the show because we love the genre. What’s even better is that Lt. Kenda’s personality (stoic demeanor, clear awareness of the gravity of the situation, and with just the right amount of sarcasm and dry sense of humor) is EXACTLY like my father’s. Ironically, my father was a homicide detective before recently retiring. Sometimes I’ll be in the other room, hear the tone of Kenda’s voice on the TV and crack up because it could easily be my dad on the TV or in the living room talking.

    I showed my dad an episode of HH and we told him we think Kenda is his long lost twin and his first response was “good looking guy” haha.

    Also in the back of my head is the fact that I have a fraternity brother who is a detective in CS and I hope secretly that he knows Lt. Kenda. I haven’t said anything to him because I don’t want to be a creepy fanboy stalker.

    I hope the show continues on for a while, though I know at some point we’ll reach the 400 case mark and it’ll have to stop, sadly.

  33. My son is studying Criminal Justice at the University of Alabama. Does Lt. Joe Kenda still do speaking engagements at schools? I think they students would enjoy his perspective and advice – I know my son would! I may have to see if I can proctor that class that day …

  34. Internet went down during an episode in which a woman was found shot in the head in an apartment complex parking lot. Her parents were managers of the complex and she had dropped off her child for them to babysit. Upon trying to contact them at the manager’s apartment, the parents and her child were also found dead of gunshot wounds. Please tell me where I can see this episode in full

  35. I live in Hubbard, a small town in northeast Ohio. Since March of this year, we are dealing with an unsolved, tragic murder of a young man. In the early morning hours, Cody Pitts was shot once in the head and left on the roadside in the center of town. Nobody seems to know anything, yet as rumor mills have it, there is a lot of hearsay. At best, the community has banded together in support of the Pitts family. Through Crimestoppers, a local organization, reward money has been raised for any information leading to the arrest and conviction in this case. Nobody seems to know anything, yet someone out there must know something. I’m not sure that this message will get to the right source, but as part of a community that is at a loss, I thought it is worth a shot. Please do not publish this request. It is very personal and tragic for all of us. A reply to my e-mail above would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  36. omg you’re hot joe
    my mum and I watch you all the time and we really want to know what happened to your nose
    we are curious to know!
    (By the way there are too many psychos in America, we choose to stay in Australia)

  37. My daughter was shot and died in Colo. Springs in July, 1991. I would like to know if you heard of her case. I would like to discuss it with you.

  38. Thank you. All these years later I finally have some answers to my brothers death, two day’s after his 31st birthday. I apologize for not appearing on your show, but some things are better left in the past.

  39. How did you get that nasty scar on your nose. If it wasn’t during a police matter, you don’t have to say, I’m just very curious. I hope you don’t mind me asking.

  40. Hello Joe,

    I just love Joe Kenda. In fact, some people now call me “Joan Kenda” after my favorite personality. I watch every episode and am thrilled to learn the new evidence, the litany of different crime data, and the variety of suspects who are investigated and chased down by my Joe. My DVR is almost full of the Kenda series, so I’ve gone to alternative recording techniques to ensure I capture every one. I teach English and literature, and I’ve recently begun including old cases into writing and exploring how to express the pertinent crime information into well written short documents.

    I really wish to meet Joe and have a long discussion with him about how he does things and analyzes the criminal minds of our society. Long live Joe Kenda and long live the possibility of following in Joe’s footsteps.

  41. I am a huge fan of Joe Kenda. I will be visiting my daughter at Fort Carson Co. at Dec. 22nd and 23rd of next month. Is there any way that I could meet Joe in person. Im coming all the way from Santa Maria, Ca. All I need is 1 single minute of his time. I just want to shake his hand ,say hi and get a pic of us with my phone. I would be one happy s.o.b. and could die happy. 🙂 Please let me know as soon as you can. My email is

  42. The show is mostly realistic, as in the actor that plays Joe smokes and other things about the show. If they are so careful to make the show realistic, why do they have Joe sporting A Gluc 9mm pistol instead of the Kimber .45 ACP that the real Joe has said a few times that he carried. He has even said that the Kimber pistol he carried was the most accurate weapon he has ever fired. I’m just saying.

  43. Great show, but the background music obscures the narrative making it hard to hear at times and I have normal hearing.
    you must tone that down.

  44. Hi Detective Kenda, My daughter Jessica and I love you. She is a detective also and we both learn so much from you. During that tragedy yesterday in Colorado Springs, I kept thinking about how you would have handled the situation. I know they sure could have used your abilities, wisdom and assistance. Keep up the good work and never leave the air. Your sense of humor is fabulous. Even though I know you are not trying to be funny. You give some comic relief in the midst of all the drama. I always tell my daughter I wish we could meet you. Take care. Santa Wink

  45. Hi Lt. Joe Kenda,

    Good job on your gut feelings and experience with almost 400 homicides in your home town of Colorado Springs. I love your attention to detail, your dedication to your job and mostly the empathy that you have for the victim and their family.

  46. Mr. Kenda,
    I am currently an adult who has finally decided to go back to school. I am going to school for psychology. I am hoping to turn that into a career in forensic psychology of some sort. I was always the kid in 6th grade that while everyone else was reading sweet valley high and goosebump books, I was psychology of a criminal mind and theology books. I have been fascinated with your show recently and have now sat down and binge watched all of them. I know a lot of what you do you have picked up through years of experience. I am especially interested by your show because I was stationed at Ft. Carson and arrived only 5 years after you retired. I know it is a long shot and I’m sure you don’t read these yourself but if you ever do any consulting for anyone or just have the time in general I would love to observe the way you work. See things from your perspective as one of, what I would imagine, the greatest profiling minds since Sherlock Holmes. Like I said, I don’t expect a response but my dad always told me “if you try nothing, that is what you will always get”. This is my attempt at “something”. I think I could learn more from you in a couple of day visit than I can in a semester of school. It’s hard to teach what you have never done. Hope this finds you well.

  47. I’d like to see if Joe would help my aunt find my cousins killer bc the cops of volusia county Florida can’t seem to do anything but take vacations

  48. My son is a huge fan and just completed his Eagle Scout. I was wondering if there is a mailing address I can send a request for a letter from Lieutenant Joe Kenda for this occasion.

  49. I don’t know if this is where I would message. I am trying to find out how to contact Joe Kenda. My daughter is in 11th grade, and he is her idol. She wants to pattern herself after him, and would be floored in awe if Lt. Kenda could take even just a little time with her. I would love to surprise her with a face to face meeting with him as a Christmas gift. I lost my job, so I will nit be able to do much for her this year. She has watched every episode, reads true crime novels, and studies everything she can get her hands on regarding investigations. Meeting Lt. Kenda would be the highlight of her upcoming college/military journey, and motivate her that much more to be as real as her hero. She has wanted to meet Lt. Kenda since she watched his first episode in 2011, and she has only maintained that passion for “catching bad guys” since then. Is there any way to find out if this is possible? If this is possible, please contact me. my email address is We are in Colorado Springs area, as her brother was stationed at Fort Carson prior to being injured in the military. I hope to hear from someone soon regarding this possible life altering meeting for my daughter.

  50. Mr. Joe Kenda, I really need to get into contact with you. I am writing a career research paper for my 8th grade year and I chose to write about becoming a CSI Agent. You’re the main person I would like to talk to because I really admire your work and I would love to have an interview with you in my paper. I know I’m only in 8th grade and you may be thinking, “Oh, well, she’s just a silly middle school girl who doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” But I would really love to somehow get in contact with you because for one I really want to pass this research paper, and two I really want to get a chance to have a conversation with you and get some inside information on what it’s like to be in this line of work. It really interests me and I love solving things right now as it is. I love the idea of putting clues together to find out the answer to something. I would love to try and get into contact with you, but I seriously doubt that an 8th grader like me would ever get to meet someone as great as you.

  51. My daughter is a huge fan! We love the show! It’s her 14th birthday and I was wandering if I could get an autographed picture of Joe Kenda. Thank you!

  52. Merry Christmas to you and your family Lt. Joe.
    Could you please send me an autograph picture . My wife and I have been watching your show from the beginning.
    Thanks for your work and teaching us about the real world.

  53. Hello Lt. Joe Kenda!

    I am a double major in Forensic Science and biology at the University of New Haven and I love hearing about your cases! Too bad you are retired, I would have loved to work with you and shadow you! Wish you did workshops or speeches!

    Hope to see more of you in Connecticut!


  54. Lt. Joe, How do I go about getting an auto’s pic for my wife?, She is an advid fan. I’m a police Lt. in New Jersey as well. thanks

  55. My wife and I love the show. We were wondering like a lot of other people were is that, how did he get that scar on his nose? We would love to know. Thank you and I really hope this show goes on and on. Love it

  56. I was at Alaska Airline hub at the LAX (probably other airlines too) on the morning of 12/16/15. A gentleman carrying a kinda bag with glasses on, walking around the gate area looking for his gate maybe that looked just like Lt. Joe. I saw him a couple times while he was looking for a gate and I thought it was him. Was it by any chance him at the LAX on that morning, gate that I was at was 64A. My brother, his wife for sure, and myself are big fans of Lt. Joe on the ID channel. Great show, btw. Please let me know if it was him. It’s killing me that I didn’t go up to the gentleman when he walk passed me. I don’t get excited about the Hollywood people(which Wyonna Judd was I front of me at store by gate 64A that Lt. Joe was walking by) but Lt. Joe would be someone I would like to have a scotch with! Thanks so much, all the best and Happy Holidays to you & your family~

  57. Hello Sir,

    First, my bride and I thank you for your many years of service and success with the CSPD. We have a keen interest in detective and forensics work, and always set the alerts for Tuesday’s “Kenda Time”. I am a retired FL DOC Correctional Officer……and left-handed also. We appreciate your desire to relive these cases, which I am certain still affect you as my years with the FL DOC still do, also. May God continue to protect you and your family.

    May you all have a wonderful Christmas and a safe New Year.

  58. Dear Mr. Kenda,

    Like so many others who have praised your show, I too find your show to be extremely provocative and highly enlightening.

    I am a dude kindergarten teacher of 20 years and I have a signed picture from Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers).
    Most of your clients did not start out the same way you find them before sending them to jail. I would love to buy a signed autograph picture to hang next to it in my classroom.

    You are the Mr. Rogers of the crime world! I wish you the best of health, success and Merry Christmas!

  59. Hi Joe. I am a huge fan. I have an idea for you. How about publishing a book of your words of wisdom? It would sell a million! Keep up the great job!

  60. Lt. Kenda,
    I just want to say that I have dealt with numerous law enforcement in my life, and have never seen a more honest, loyal, and dedicated officer than yourself. To have solved all of the cases that you have solved over the years, most, I’m sure, without the aid of modern technology or DNA testing, you sir deserve all the respect of every citizen of this great nation. I just recently started watching this show, and like the fact that you decided to tell the stories yourself. Who better than the person who knows the most about them? I also applaud the choice of actor used to portray the younger version of you, Carl Marino. I’M sure you looked long, and hard for the man to be you, and you found just the right guy. Please, do not stop telling your stories until every case has been told. I, for one, will continue to watch all of the previous shows that I missed, and every new one, starting January 5th.
    Thank you,
    James Stevenson

  61. det. Kenda Your first case where u caught the shooter in the convenience store shooting
    affected me profoundly…….you are a great man…..Merry Christmas dan

  62. You’re one tough cookie. My, oh my. I have a case for you, if you are ever in the mood to investigate an almost perfect murder. One of the most incredible set of circumstances I’ve ever heard. You’d have to travel to Alabama, but it would be worth it. Much Respect to you and your profession!

  63. Dear Mr. Joe Kenda, just like your other fans, I am so impressed with your work and dedication to the detective force. I love watching the ID channel. Now that I’ve retired, I watch the channel all day long. My friends teases me and say they think I’m planning how to get away with murder (trust me I’m not). I especially love your show and was so glad you did this series so I can just watch you all day long. I wish more detectives and police force had you dedication. I’m amazed and impressed with the fact that you don’t let gender, race, or lifestyle get in the way of you doing your job. You will find justice for a bum just as you would for a millionaire. I love your sense of humor (I could sit and listen to you all day). As another fan said, I love your choice of actor ,Carl Marino, to play your role. I got very little sleep Dec. 24, 2015. I’ve watched 14 hrs. so far and I guess I’ll be spending Christmas with you also. Thanks for the great work you have done and letting us ride along during the retelling of your stories. Thank you, Rita Johns

  64. My husband, Gary, and I are HUGE fans of the show. We love Lt. Joe Kenda! Your thought processing in solving crimes is amazing! I wish I could have worked with you in solving just one. The actors chosen in the series are wonderful. We can’t wait to see more! Thanks Lt. Joe Kenda for all the crimes that you have solved! Always watching n Greeneville, TN! MY, MY, MY!

  65. I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you do. My cousin John Castillo was shot about five years ago and we never found out the reason why or who. The fact that you do what you do gives me hope that others will not have to suffer from the pain of not knowing why or who. For that I as I’m sure many others thank you.

  66. My family and I have been huge fans from the very first episode of Homicide Hunter,and I’m bringing every neighbor I can into the fold.

    Would it be possible to get an autographed picture of the Lieutenant? My birthday is coming up in a month and I have an empty spot on my wall next to the desk that would look great with Joe there to watch over things!

    Merry Christmas,Joe,and to all who love you.

    -Jason(Jefferson City,MO.)

  67. Count me in on being a huge fan of Lieutenant Joe Kenda. I like your style and I’m most fascinated by how you piece cases together. My hubby and I have been known to watch hoursome of Homicide Hunter. This 70 yr old grandmother is grateful for your years of dedication and the exams you set for others in your line of work. Also, your wife deserves some recognition for all those time she missed out on not having you home with her and the family. God bless you and yours.

  68. I think you were involved in the shooting death case of my brother in law in the Springs. How do I find out for sure? I lived there for 15 years or so

  69. Mr. Kenda: As I watch on towards your TV show and noticed that you where sincere in your investigations towards the Homicides you conducted. So with that in mine, we have a mistery homicide in our family that seems to involve a conspiracy by the local authorities, to cover up what some of their officers could have done to terminate a law suit and also in revenge to our complaints against them.

    We feel the perpetrator was the king-pin, having a gang member background himself and being an abusive officer of the law and using his badge to commit his acts of violence towards citizens according to proff that is. There is Motive, there was Oppertunity, and also Method, that is so unbelievable that it is mine boggling to hear our story and will cause one to break-down wonder, oh my what happened here with this murder, how did it get turned up-side down on this family and why have the authorities hidden the answers they have been asking for?

    Mr. Kenda, our story has circumstandical evidence that is unblievable, and it kepts pointing in one direction even though the authorities keep pointing away from themselve, three fingers keep coming back at them as they shake their fist at us because we had rained on their parade trying to help the community from police abuse, and yes we have had some success and turned things around, except the murder of our young boy 4 years ago.

    Please if you can, have our story looked into by someone who works in the intake department of crimes unsolved.

    P.S. Not that it matters, but I was born in 1946 and dad was born in your state, but I was born in Youngstown Ohio and what a small world it is.

    Ron Rodgers Sr.

  70. I’m not sure if I reached out to the small world by my comment, I was hoping for a direct contact with Joe Kenda’s mail-box and if all possible could someone help me please.

    Ron Rodgers sr.

    1. I’m not sure Joe even sees this. There are hundreds of comments without a single response! I, too, would like to meet him.

  71. Hello, My wife and I watch your interesting accounts on your series. My Father-in-law was a detective in the same time period in Pueblo, co. He has some interesting stories and loves to reminisce. He watch your marathon yesterday and has so many questions and wonders if you two might have met or at least been involved in cross town cases. Currently, he is not doing very well. His health is just okay and is still loving to talk cop talk. If at all possible, I would love for him to communicate with you. It would make his day and he could use a boost from a colleague. Today, he doesn’t have internet and lives in an RV Park near Pueblo. Thanks for your consideration. Chris Lund

  72. I thoroughly enjoy the details off your cases. With lots of evidence, i am particularly inspired by your refusal to settle for the easiest conviction. You do indeed insist on the truth. As for your wonderful dry sense of humour, it makes my day. Thank you so.

  73. I think his career averages out that he solved more than one case every other week. And he probably had other work to do too. Remarkable! I hope he was paid what he was worth. Mr. Kenda was a very valuable employee.

  74. Hello,
    I watch your show all the time and it have drove me to want to become a detective. Recently I was given an project in my high school English 2 honors class called “The Passion Project”. Many know about this “project” but if you are unfamiliar with it, it’s a project where you find a passion of yours and it has to “stretch” you and you have to have a passion for doing it. You have to do a lot of research and write an essay about it. I decided to do my career passion which is to be a detective just like you! But I still need the “stretch” part which is why I am writing. I would like to talk to an actual retired detective( or a lieutenant like yourself) and ask you a few questions about what life was like and just overall about the job. I know there are many that are retired detectives but I would really appreciate it if it was you because you are the person that made me have the desire or passion for wanting this career. I know you probably have so much to do and might not have the time but i’d truly be really grateful.

    Thank you for your time,
    Heaven Robinson

  75. My daughter is 12 and very much dislikes “crime” shows with 1 exception, Joe Kenda. She is obsessed, I’m so bummed I just saw about the cruise or I would have taken her. Great show, keep up the good work.

  76. Hi. I am writing about my mothers missing person’s case from 1990. Now have ruled it a homicide. They can not find a body or any witness to move the case along. I was thirteen years old when she just disappeared. This case has be unsolved since, and it has been 25 years. You can look her up by name on any website Janice Norat. Can you please help the Lakeland police department in Florida. If you have any questions please contact the police station.

  77. My 7 year old daughter has recorded all of your shows and she is a huge fan. She wants you to come to get birthday in June.

  78. You said you can solve any murder mystery. I would like you to investigate the murder of Joseph Weir. His throat was slashed in the early 1980s in Knoxville, Tennessee, The killer was never caught. The Knox County Sheriff’s cold case unit has quite a few unsolved murders on the cold case website. I also think you will find the 1996 Blair Adams case very intriguing. His case is fascinating enough to make a movie. It would be the perfect case for your TV show. Thanks.

  79. Hi Coach,
    I just started watching your show. You coached me, Eddie Bridges, and Jim Brooks on a YAL football team over by East Jr. High School. I was a linebacker. You ought to consider revealing this volunteer service on your show. You made a significant difference in all of us you coached,

    Thanks and take care,
    Jim Bruce

  80. We would be interested in having Lt. Kenda come and speak to our Criminal Justice students, but I did not see a place on the website for submitting such a request. Can you please touch base with me, and let me know if he might be interested?

    Thank you kindly.

  81. I would really enjoy meeting you and your family. So if you are ever in kenosh, wi please contact me. It would really make my husband and I day. We love the show. You give so many people inspiration. Thank you for your time.

  82. My daughter would love to meet you…Are you making any appearances in New York…or anywhere close to the New York area?

  83. dear mr.kenda im trying to reach out to you because my sister died september.26.2015 an they claim it to be suicide but the state of gerogia never investigate the crime i believe it to be foul play they claim it happened by hanging but her neck was not broken neither was her throat an there were never any evidence that says she was ever hung even the medical staff at the hospital says they never seen that before in there career ill like for you to take a look at the case please me an my family are seeking justice an the Georgia detective refuse to look at the case ever he never investigate the crime
    could you please help us
    thank you

  84. Hi Lt. Joe…my wife, Judi, and I can’t get enough of your excellent series…interestingly, she and her older sister, Joyce, are from Yukon but attended church in Herminie for years. Joyce stills lives in Herminie but Judi ( ne Leasure) and I now live in Shelby west of Charlotte.

    I knew a Kenda from St. Vincent Prep school in Latrobe and worked with a Bob Kenda from Scottsdale at Kennametal.

    Small world!!! Kudos on a super great show!!!

  85. First off, I Just would like to say i love your show. I’ve always been interested in true crime stories. Found them very interesting. Now I watch and listen much more intensely for a completely differnt reason…. Not just for entertainment anymore. February 14th 2013 my brother in law, Danny Turner was shot in the head with a 12 gauge shot gun in his home while sitting down eating in his recliner. I find myself watching show after show looking at other homicides….. Is there anything the police didn’t do or are not doing to get to the bottom of this case. His girlfriend was in the home at the time with their 3 yo. She claims to know nothing…..not even the sound of a 12 guage. I’m reaching out for help…. We are going on 3 yrs now and I feel this case is getting colder and colder. This is a story of affairs, drugs and denial. If u could please reach out. This is a very small town in NC with a very small PD. Any type of help with solving this case would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, ShannonTurner

  86. Just wondering if you have any tips for initiating an investigation for a murder committed in 1973, but never considered murder before? Cases with far less circumstantial evidence than I was/am privy to have been succesfully prosecuted. I continue to tell my husband, your greatest fan, that YOU would solve this overnight.

  87. Hey, my parents and I are huge fans of Lt. Joe and really enjoy the no nonsense vibe we get from the show. My parents are going to be in the Denver and Colorado Springs area beginning March 17 and ending March 22. I was hoping there might be some way to have them meet Lt. Joe while they are there. My mother has dreamed of going to Colorado for a very long time and finally gets to do it. I think this would be a really cool way to put their trip over the top and be able to give something to the people who have given me everything. I really hope that this is a possibility, and if someone could get back to me about this I would really appreciate it. Even if it can’t happen I would still like to know. Thanks and thanks for sharing all of your amazing work Lt. Joe!!

  88. Lt. Kenda, my name is Pete Ackerly. In June of 1984, I was a young Army Private stationed at Ft. Carson Colorado. I was the victim of a hit and run driver while on my motorcycle at the intersection of Academy and Fountain. I have since gone on to a long and successful law enforcement career myself, however this case has always haunted me.

    Would you be so kind to email me, and I can share more specifics with you. After all of these years, I was hoping that something would have come up within CSPD.



  89. Greetings….Judge Judy and Homicide Hunter are are my favorite TV shows….A Very Kenda Christmas was a great idea. Detective, could you please tell me what kind of watch you wear? Thanks, Gary T.

  90. We love. Joe kenda. We watch. All. of the. Shows. We can. We would. Like to meet. Me. Kenda. Does. He still. Reside. In Colorado. Springs. /and would. He be. Willing to meet us.
    Thanks for sharing. Your. Cases. I. Hope it. Helps. With your nightmares Don.and. Brenda. Horn

  91. Thanks for. Sharing. Your cases. With. All of us. We. Would like to meet. Mr. Kenda. Would he. Meet which us does he still live. In Colorado springs thanks. Don and. Brenda Horn

  92. Joe, I just want to let you know that if you’re ever in the Fort Hood, Texas area, my wife and I want to take you out for dinner. I love your show and wish you the best.

  93. Like everyone else, there are many facets about the show that I love. However, the sheer honesty when admitting to the psychological trauma of the police/detective career over the years is really inspiring. I really appreciate and admire that you are able to admit your struggles with stress syndromes after what you had to bear witness. Most of us in the emergency services, myself included, find it difficult to admit what this trauma does to us acutely and chronically. In addition, I am currently enrolled in a MS degree program and my current class is “Psychological Aspects to Critical Incidents”, which your words speaking to the effects of trauma relate. Thank you.

  94. I absolutely love your show. I’m so glad you chose to do it. It would be fantastic if you were to do a traveling talk show and talk to people about your career. I would pay to see you. I would love to become half the detective you were and probably still are. If I join the force it will be because of you and your show. Your absolutely amazing.

  95. Joe,
    Love your show. I have a question—I’m a retired policeman from the City of Los Angeles, class 9/69. A friend of mine that I went to the Police Academy with was murdered 5/10/1974. He was a good, decent policeman and father. I know his daughter Tobie pretty well now. His name was –Mike Lee Edwards. I’ve been working on the case with other retired cops I know and have come to a dead end. I, along with a Channel 7 news bureau chief got a 3 plus minute news coverage last year and still nothing. In my opinion LAPD’s homicide cops are not pursuing the leads. I am of the opinion that the perp was a bad seed LAPD cop. I am my wits end and my time and resources are thin, but, I told Mike’s daughter I will help solve this case before I die. I just turned 71. Do you have any help for solving this? I know you’re the best at this type of crime. The DR number is: 74-553835. Thank you for your time.
    Regards, Alan Lee Edwards/class of 9/69/ LAPD retired.

  96. Hi, I am a 15 year old girl with a mother who is obsessed with Joe Kenda. She is very troubled and finds happiness in very little. I see her on a daily basis just laying in bed and watching your episodes. You are the only thing she talks about. It would mean the world if you could possibly do a quick meet and greet. I hate seeing my mother so depressed, and you are the only thing that can captivate her. I understand how unrealistic this request is, but please take it into consideration. I really want my mom happy, and you seem to do a good job by making her smile just from talking on a TV screen. I cannot even imagine her reactions if she were to see you in person.
    Best Regards, Sandra

  97. Hi Joe, my wife and I watch each and every episode. We love them!!! Joe, we can’t thank you enough for your commitment to life, hard work and helping all those poor souls rest in peace not to mention the the family and friends that now have closure to the unthinkable. We’re sorry your memories of life are death, but without your dedication our world would be unlivable!!! Thank you for setting an example for all other detective to follow. Lastly, please thank your wife for her patience home is your salvation. We love you!!! God Bless

  98. Hello, my aunt is an avid fan of your show, and a year ago yesterday, my uncle died under circumstances that all of us suspect were murderous. His case has not been closed and we are hoping that it at least goes cold so that we can retain the hope that his earthly justice someday is served. I am wondering if there is any possibility you may have any advice on how to get his case properly investigated because we feel that someone used their position to obstruct any investigating that would have led to the arrest of the person(s) involved. We have justifiable reasons to entertain these suspicions and the investigative work concerning his demise was shoddy at best. Please, we would greatly appreciate some advice!

  99. Mr. Kenda,
    I watch your show often and have a lot of respect for you and what you do!
    We need someone like you around this small town area and maybe we could find out what happened to my baby brother!

  100. Love your show! PLEASE help solve the case in Woodford County- Terry Punke. Kappa IL. SHOT on July 20. There has been no movement in the case for over a year. His wife, Danita struggles everyday with the loss of her husband. PLEASE HELP

  101. Surfing the channels one day I stopped because this man on tv looked so much like my late father. But what really got me was his speech and mannerisms. They seemed so familiar although I had never met Lt. Kenda. I then saw the Pittsburgh pennant on the wall above the desk on the set and had to dig further. What a happy surprise to find that we are from the same part of Pennsylvania, I myself graduated from Hempfield. Feeling this kindred spirit, I have been hooked ever since. Lt. Kendra is someone to admire and respect, and I love the show and its format- brilliant. Thank you.

  102. You have a uncanny way of knowing when someone is telling you a bald face lie. I so wished you were not retired and were here to look over my sons death. There are several several things that do not add up, including the police department loosing all files on my sons case. It’s like they just threw my sons young life away.

    1. Sheila, sounds like you and I are in the same boat with our sons’ deaths. I’m with you in wishing for Joe Kenda. Since he’s retired, I wonder if there are anymore out there who cares like Joe.

  103. My name is Cecilia Rivera my wish is to meet you Lt.Joe Kenda Im Such A Big Fan I Even Like To Think Of U As A Grandpa The Only Family I Have it’s kinda strange but I’ll explain I’m 19 years old one of your biggest fans if not number one at least 3 I never miss a episode I was raped at 12 years old by two individuals and again at 16 and that time got pregnate to the most beautiful thing God could’ve gave me my oldest daughter i lived on the streets with her for the first two years of her life and it breaks me because if wasnt fair to get or me but non of my family or friends would help at all and then I moved to Florida got raped a third time and had a second baby who is now three months my brother/father growing up was shot to death in front of me on both of our birthdays and it never got solved my life dream is to meet I and that is gnna be my last wish if I havent yet lots of love like to see you in Ft.Myers Florida Sometime …..God less u all

  104. Lt. Kenda,

    Would you please share your opinion about the physical fitness testing at the CSPD, the lawsuit concerning the testing, and the suspension of said testing?
    Derek Breton

  105. 1. Thank you Joe Kenda for the great entertainment you provide

    2. Thank you Mrs Kenda for making Joe who he is today. Your Love and support for Joe is greatly appreciated.

    3 .Has Joe ever worked any of his old cases in retirement? Will we ever see an episode based on that?

    4. Will there ever be a show on Joe’s unsolved cases?

  106. Hi Joe,
    I have been wondering for a few years now on if you would cover the Jacine Galinski case. I worked at UCCS and it was one of the most violent murders I had ever heard of, it was horrific. I have never seen it covered on any show I.e. Dateline, forensic files, 20/20. Now knowing you are on the air covering so many tragedies in the Springs I was wondering whether you would cover that case.

  107. Yeeeeee-Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,

    Just found this information and I absolutely love Lt. Kenda…i had an uncle who served on the Detroit police department for over 20 years…and this is a replica of my uncle…..thanks ID Channel….!!!!

  108. My cousin Eric Cates was found burnt to death with his dog gypsey. March 2015
    We are desperate to find out who did this
    The walker county sheriff office is doing nothing to bring justice. We want peace please I pray that God places it on your heart to help us. Just please at least look into his case. please.

  109. I love your show so much my mother got me into watching it!! My mom loves your show so much she’s constantly watching it!! Her birthday is coming up I loved to give her a autograph signed from you to her!! Thank you for all you do

  110. I would like to know Lt. Joe’s “snail mail” address so I could write him a “good old-fasioned letter” to invite him to “be my date” to my daughter Ashley’s graduation from California Baptist University for her M.A. in Forensic Psychology this May. I would not expect him to speak (or anything) at the graduation. In fact, I would prefer to be totally low key and just have him come with me in disguise and see how ready these Forensic Psychologists are ready for the “real world”.

    If that is not possible, would Lt. Kenda consider dropping her a short note of congrats and encouragement or give her a call. I will provide him with her contact information, but not on-line.

    Thank you,

    Rob Newsom

  111. Hi! lieutenant Joe Kenda I am a big fan of you and your show my mom is too. One thing though please quit smoking if you still are and while your at it tell Carl Marino who plays younger version of you to quit smoking. Don’t mean to nag but I do not want either of you to get cancer. Although, I realize why do you ever feel haunted by your cases? It is a stressful job catching murders that’s why you smoked or smoke to relieve stress. How do you handle your fear? When I used to fly back and forth to college long time ago I just did it. I think if I thought about it too much I couldn’t do it.

  112. Love the show and your beautifully weighted no nonsense delivery. You make it all so matter of fact yet fascinating . I have one question which may be superficial. I was wondering how you got the scar on your nose? Line of duty perhaps?
    Keep up the great program and continue to enjoy your well earned retirement .

  113. First I would like to thank you for your service. Since I found your show I have come to understand what police officers go through. You are very thoughtful for your victims. I feel your and the victims pain for all the tragedies you have had to solve. Like the guy from Arkansas going to run up Pikes Peak, just because his wife wanted an aspirin.

    I’m a 56 yr. old sign man but I wish I had been a detective, so I could help. Blue lives matter! This modern world with gangs and terrorists is shameful for a civilization. I got your back. I really enjoy your show and your sense of humor. You sir are the kind of man that makes this a great country. May God Bless you for your service!

  114. Just discovered this programme – am in England- wow!!!! What an amazing, talented and charismatic gentleman…!!!! Am totally sold. I could listen to this man for hours on end… So educational… Thank you so much!!!!! Keep these programmes coming please!!!

  115. Hi Joe, I really enjoy your programmes in the UK. It would have been interesting if you had investigated the murder of my step daughter back in 1986. Her name was Sarah Harper and if you Google Robert Black you would understand what I mean.

  116. I’m a huge fan of your uncle. ….I watch his show faithfully. I told my husband that if I’m ever murdered and it needs to be investigated, I’d want him to come out of retirement to solve it . ….he is a very smart man with so much experience in the field.. ..I’ve learned so much from him. …you SHOULD be proud .

  117. Lt. Joe Kenda, thank you for your service, my greatest respect. Please let me send you an autopsy report and info on my brother who at 37 is dead and I am convinced it was homicide. In Campe llsville, Ky. In 2005. We were TD by several people at his funeral not to believe it was an accident. Shot and killed himself twirling a 44 magnum that missfired and with hollow point bullet killed him. Please read over it. I do not want to die not knowing. I 64 mammaw to 3 boys, mom to 3 girls, married to a welder. Not rich enough to hire PI. Can you help?

  118. My name is Ashley and I absolutely LOVE your show and never miss an episode. I will be in Colorado the last week of April and wanted to know if there is any way I could meet you! It would be an amazing experience for me! I know this is a long shot, but thought I could at least try. Thanks so much!

  119. Dear Joe.

    I Dicovered You On ID About Four Months Ago. I’m Hooked For Goood. Homicide Hunter
    Is Absolutely The Best Show I’ve Seen In Years. I Didn’t Realize There Was So Much Evil In The World. Colorado Springs Sure Had More Than There Share. The Actor Playing You
    Is Great Also. GREAT GREAT JOB. I Cannot Wait To See You Again. If I Miss A Program I Can Go On Demand At Charter And Watxch It As Many Times As I Like!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Mr. Kenda, I wanted to just say that I have really enjoyed your personal swagger watching your show. You actually knew my father in PA, who recently passed.
    Now, I personally can’t shoot a handgun worth a hoot, however I do have some skill with a rifle, with hunting kill shots including actually a shot near Pueblo at 2225yrds. So I offer you an open invitation, if perhaps you are a sporting man, a hunt, hunting 600lb wild boar, all expenses paid on closed private land, this is not a business or anything, just a private hunt, bring a friend too if you wish.
    Just a quick flight I will provide everything for a few day hunt. Feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you again for being Joe Kenda.

  121. Hi Joe, really enjoy your series, especially your pieces to camera. One question however; in the opening sequence you are shown writing with your left hand, but in the re-enactments your character is right handed. Is this just an editing error?

  122. Dear joe kenda, my son and his girl friend were killed just before Christmas, in rye Co. their are very strange circumstances that the police seem to be Ignoring, besides a very sloppy investigation, and it has been 14 weeks with out my son death certificate, My sons mother and my self both feel this is a sweep under the rug, we do not trust the internet and try to keep very simple, We live in Pa, if you wish to contact us please do we can fill in a lot of details that lead us to believe a different story but at this time and by way of internet we are uncomfortable, thank for at least reading this, please help us in our prayers to resolve this

  123. May the Great Architect bless you for the work you have done, and the
    families to whom you have given closure.

    You have female battle-axe fans (5) in Florida and Georgia who think you are
    one sexy retired cop! We all wish you were single and lived here in the South.
    You would not stay single long.

    A well lived life, Lt. Kenda! Here’s to many years more of your show!

  124. First of all, I LOVE your show!

    I have a question about the guy who blew himself to smithereens when he pulled the pin on a live hand grenade.

    Why wasn’t an investigation conducted to find the guy who had stolen those hand grenades and left them behind?

  125. Dear Mr. Kenda,

    I am almost 50 old and I work for respectful US company. I am from Serbia, former Yugoslavia. Unfortunately, we had 4 wars in 10 years but now, it is OK.

    My boss from USA asked me once to tell him about my mindset (usual chat during interviews). My aunt was professor of psychiatry but, to my surprise, when I tried to remember, we never talked that much about this. You know aunts. For them, even if they are professors of psychiatry – you are always “their kid”. But I was always curious and asked her about her profession, many,many times. She pressed me (you know aunts, again 🙂 to study medicine and then “her” Hannibal Lecter profession (I always made jokes with her about that) – and she was terribly persistent about that – but my first love were computers and it stayed as it is after 30 years.

    To my surprise, her answers were like your (“no script”) comments. And I discovered – well, it took almost 50 years but nobody’s perfect 🙂 to understand that that the only person that I can identify myself with is you. I have the same mind set. I simply hate crime. I hate violence, injustice, but I had to live with that for 10 years during the war here. Not to mention crime.

    Then I told my boss: watch the serial. Probably (for sure) not 100% but that’s what I think and did.

    You know that’s not easy. There is not that much justice in the world. Some of that, I had to watch, unfortunately. It’s strange but it is easier to see that in war than on the street. But we have to live with that and help if we can. Since then, I decided to become blood donor, marrow bone donor and organ donor. I can’t do much more.

    I have no idea if you will read this, but I feel good when I know that there are people who do good things. To bad people. But, let us be optimists: there is no inquisition anymore, gladiators (well, this is for discussion), slavery…one day, just maybe, your former job will be history. But not soon.

    It is a honor to live in the same time when people like you live. I wish the best to your children, you and your family. Just don’t let them become a lawyers :). And you must have a dog :).

    PS Thank you for teaching me about people. Aunt was too academic 🙂 But she cooked better than you can, I am sure :).

  126. I was very suprised to see that Joe went to Ohio St Univ ! for his advanced degree,
    Your show is very well done, also a twist of karma how he ended up in colorado where the biggest ” who did it” is ongoing in regard to Jon benet Ramsey case

    I am producing a video segment on the Marshall University mystery murder of LEAH HICKMAN and sure wish I had Joe Kenda on this one, it’s been unsolved for nine years now, biggest cover up and most bungled case in west virginia, they find a body wrapped above ceiling tiles in a laundry room , and no one can get a single clue to break it open ??? the WVSP not called in , the FBI not called in, all the while a murderer gets off free as a bird, the crime truly begs to be resolved. It bothers me greatly when criminals get away with it (in this world) I know they won’t in the afterlife.

    Ohio Univ

  127. Ann,
    I have watch Mr. Kenda since the beginning and, just like everyone else, I think he is amazing. My uncle Bill Connole was murdered in Loveland CO June 3rd, 2015. His murder occured during a time of random shootings in the area. A woman was injured while driving and another man was shot and killed while riding his bike. A task force was formed after my uncle was shot and they have been struggling to find leads. I know all involved have been working hard to gather all the information they can but things thus far are at a stand still. I wish this shooter or shooters will be brought to justice and that Mr. Joe Kenda could consult on the case. I know this is more than a long shot but I just have to put it out there.

  128. Love Joe, love the series. Here’s a silly question….did Joe Kenda really show up at every crime scene in a suit and tie ??? Even fresh out of bed at 3 am ??? Just curious.

  129. I am such a hugeeeee fan of joe kenda & his show! I would love to meet him one day! I was wondering if maybe he would consider looking into some unsolved cases? I think if anyone can solve the black dahlia murder it would be Kenda!

  130. Lt Kenda,

    My Name Bradley, I am an unlicensed private investigator and I spend a lot of my free time (when not working my actual job and the less paying one) going over released cold cases. You know, the ones that have been given up on so much that the files have been released to the public. watching your show is a massive inspiration to me, with a 92% closure rate, you are an anomaly to me haha, I live in a large city and the cops here are relatively incompetent, but truthfully I feel it is because they are jaded and ineffectual (there are a small amount that i feel are just lazy or corrupt) so seeing a cop who actually cared about every single victim as if it was someone you knew personally. THANK YOU, for giving me hope…

  131. Mr. Kenda, My Wife and I are huge fans. And would like an autographed photo to hang in our office. We were happy to hear you use our home town Cincinnati used in one of your episodes. We look forward to watching your show every Tuesday. God bless Mark & Michele

  132. Mr. Kenda, My Wife and I are huge fans. And would like an autographed photo to hang in our office. We were happy to hear you use our home town Cincinnati used in one of your episodes. We look forward to watching your show every Tuesday. God bless Mark & Michele.

  133. I watch the show because I used to live in Pueblo. I love ur show and you are one sexy man! And of course smart as hell! Thank you because I really enjoy the show.

  134. I love watching the stories of such a determined detective who wouldn’t stop until the wrongs were righted.
    I wish more officers were like Lt. Kenda. Especially when my older brother was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. Too many people afraid to speak the truth to officers for fear they won’t catch the right man and their lives would be next.
    I wish Lt. Kenda could have been the investigator on my brother’s case. Then maybe he wouldn’t be doing time for another man’s sins.

  135. Hi I am a criminal justice student working on my bachelor’s degree and I would like to know if Lt. Kenda would be willing to mentor me. My name is Beverly Grant I live in Tennessee this has been a dream of mine since I first started school.

  136. Hello!!!
    Me and my daughter (she is a US Marine) absolutely love Joe Kenda. She watches your show everyday and tapes the episodes that she misses so she can watch later. Is there any possible way that she could get an autographed photo of Lt. Joe Kenda? Her step father committed suicide by hanging himself in December 2014, right after Christmas and my daughter watching your shows has helped her get through the grieving process. We live in Pittsburgh and her dream is to meet you in person one day. If you are ever her, she would love to meet you or travel somewhere to meet you. I cannot thank you enough for being such an inspiration to her.

  137. Is there any way to get a signed photo of lieutenant Kenda for my mother’s 75th birthday? She is a huge fan of his. Her name is Lynda. Thank you! !

  138. My Fiancé, our daughter, and I watch your show constantly. If its on, we are watching it. We are die hard Kenda fans! We are from a small town called Archbald located in Pennsylvania. Honestly if I had to argue.. We are all your biggest fans. You truly are a shining example of how people be all around. We are very proud of your accomplishments! I would love to have your autograph to frame and put in our home. Being that you’re basically already a fixture here because we watch so much of your show I feel as if that would be something for us to cherish. Thank you for all you do! God bless you and your loved ones! Sincerely, Eddie Sara and Anna.

  139. Hi Lt Joe! I’m a big fan of your TV series – I love true crime stories ( had wanted to be a forensic pathologist as a child, but ended up as an ICU RN). In reading your bio, I SW that you hailed from Herminie Pa. Would you happen to know a funeral director named Nickels? They were a big Catholic family from my childhood neighborhood in Germantown Pa. One of the kids ( Joe ) went to Immaculate Conception grade school with me. It would be interesting if you indeed may know of them. Thanks!
    Jackie Jacobson

  140. hi mr kenda great fan of you series, just watched the pops episode again . still shocks me. hope your ok, keep doing the series. hope your were proud of your boys. loved your first case. the suit, the hair , great sign on your desk.

    an english fan

  141. I would love to meet Lt. Joe Kenda. I think he is awesome and I love his show. I would like an autographed picture if possible.

  142. I think Lt. Joe Kenda is amazing. My name Is Sonya Holt And I am very addicted to Homicide Hunter. I would love to meet Lt. Kenda in person. I never never have won anything major in my life. I would be happy with an autographed picture if that is possible. To meet him in person would be over the top for me, I would be beside myself with excitement. My husband loves the show as well. I know Lt. Kenda gets a lot of this stuff, people complimenting him and he deserves it, but I truly admire his mind and his no quit attitude. Please pass this message on to him. I am sure his wife is just as great as he is. My email is Thank you and God Bless.

  143. I am addicted to his show. He is such an amazing story teller. South Africans are glued to the screen when he’s on. Secretly I’m in love. Hahaha like most women. Our world is a better place because of him. Abey South Africa

  144. I am currently in colorado springs from new hampshire. I brought my father in law here ad his last wish in life. He is a huge Joe Kenda fan and won’t stop talking about him. Is there anyway of meeting Mr. Kendra while here?
    Please feel free to email me.

    We will be here until april 26th, 2016

  145. My girlfriend is a huge fan of Joe Kenda. Her birthday is coming up next month. She is a Police Officer just outside of Chicago where we live . I thought how awesome would it be to obtain an autograph picture of Joe for her birthday. Her name is Katryna. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you , Jeff

  146. It looks like Lt. Kenda has a scar on the tip of his nose. Is there an interesting story that goes along with it?

  147. Hi my name is jake sullivan I am 9 years old. I watch your show all the time I want to be a Homicide hunter when i grow up. Is it scary?

  148. Well..mymymy…You and your stories are amazing ! LOL I would LOVE to meet you! Come to Dallas,TX for a meet and greet!!!! Plleeaasseeeee

  149. Love the show. Joe Kenda is incredible. I wish he would have been the detective on my father’s case when he was found face down in a pool of blood on the side of a road after leaving his job . His hands were tied behind his back and he was shot twice in the back of his head. A woman and 2 male cousins were charged with his murder. The evidence against all 3 was overwhelming, yet only 1 took the wrap. My dad was a kind and generous man who would go out of his way to help anyone in need. Witnesses testified seeing all 3 at his place of business. DNA was fairly new in 1983 but now solves cases that are decades old. 2 people got away with my fathers murder and that haunts us everyday. Please tell me what my family and I can do to get closure. I pray that Joe Kenda can help us.

  150. Hello,

    My wife love Joe Kenda. Would it be possible if he could sign a birthday card for my wife? I would be happy to send the card and a postage paid return envelope. This would make her so happy. Her co-workers bought her a Lt. Joe coffee mug. 🙂
    Thank you,

  151. Hello Mr Kenda,

    I love your show and have enormous respect for the work you have done…

    What would be fascinating would be a show where you investigate famous unsolved cases… The Black Dahlia, the Zodiac Killer…. Too many cases to mention here.

    I would love to see your take on these unsolved cases… While many could probably not be solved so long ago… Your thoughts on these cases would be fascinating to crime show fans.


  152. Joe – I am your biggest fan!! I sure wish you would come to Midlothian Texas and help the local police and FBI solve the murder of a local fitness trainer named Terri Missy Bevers. She was brutally murdered by an unknown person wearing a police SWAT gear.

  153. Lt. Joe Kenda is my first choice as a real life hero. Like him, I am not an overly friendly person either, and due to an abusive childhood, less than trusting. I admire his character and devotion to not stopping until a case is solved. Where was he when I was a child? It sure would have been comforting to have had someone like him to turn to in times of despair. I love the fact that he is such an advocate for children..

  154. How do you go about finding a missing person, my niece Janet JoleneStephens went missing on oct 14th 2009,mom and boyfriend last known to have seen her.they are also person of interest. Jolene is registered with ncic,we help the missing, and more.can’t get the KSP,KENTUCKY STATE POLICE DETECTIVE BOREMAN to return calls or information. Please help me out.I have stage 4 emphysema and copd, I maybe have 4 years to live,I need to find out what happened to jolene stephens. She never left her mom’s house alive.

  155. Hey Lt. Joe Kenda my girlfriend is a huge fan of yours and it would make her really happy if she got your autograph. She watches your show homicide hunter all the time with her free time. I really don’t care about the cost it would just mean the world to her if you would give her your autograph. Her name is Jasnell and I would appreciate if you could do that for her .

  156. Lt. Kenda, I have not only watched your shows faithfully but I also admire your dedication to your victims. My daughter was almost killed 4/23/16 in your town of colorado springs and was left for dead by two people. I have done all I can think of to identify these people and the officers I have had to deal with don’t seem to care . It has been the worst job I have ever seen on an investigation in every way. I don’t know if you would be to help me in any way or not but I’m pulling at every straw I can think of including you. I live in Cortez co so that makes things even harder. I do have alot of information that I have obtained myself which is a hell of alot more than the technicians, and agents, have done. If you can’t help me please tell me so I can continue my quest as I will stop at nothing for my daughter. She is still in the hospital their in colorado springs and will be for some time. I don’t even know if you will even get this but I know you could help us. Thank you for your time Lt. Kenda

  157. Would it be possible to get an autograph for my daughter (she’s 24, and a big fan?)

    cheers for your time, UNCLE CHUFTY , (Gt. Britain)

  158. Lt. Kenda, you are incredible! I totally enjoy your Homicide Hunter series. What a thrill it would be to meet you in person.

  159. Ok Joe. I’m calling you out. And from what I’ve seen from day one on ID and for Jill Ann Weatherwax’ sake…I know I’m calling out the Just individual!! Reasons don’t matter WHY I have come across this hometown paper, but I am frickin disgusted and mortified that this woman’s murder has gone unsolved. I don’t give a rat’s ass if she was beautiful, face mauled as an infant from Satan’s horns himself….or Beauty Queen…as they say, turned prostitute…really people????!!! It’s a human being???!! They have partial car/suspect descriptions…. aaaand nada? Come on now…. ludicrous. You got this Joe. Doooo it please. I saw her parents are deceased. Someone HAS to get her soul JUSTICE and YOU ARE THE MAN for the job!

  160. Hello my name is Tanya and I have a son that looks up to you so very much.. he was having a hard time in school and always saw the word as a bunch of bad guys that cause problems and live to hurt people.. He was given up on what he wanted to be as a big man? I watch a lot of crime shows, I’ve been doing this for many years.. My son never had anything to say about any of the shows.. one day I was in the kitchen washing dishes when my son was saying something to me.. As I looked over at him he said mom what time does Lieutenant Joe Kenda come on.. of course I was shocked by this question? for one I had know idea how he become to know you name so well but then he being to tell me how cool u are and how one day he wants to solve crimes like you Lieutenant Kenda.. he has been trying much harder in his school so he can become a Lieutenant like your self one day…with that all being said I would like to say thank u for being a good guy and if u could find time to send my son a photo of u and that would make his life!! His name is Mathew.. I wanted you to see that your still a hero? Also we are very proud your from Colorado.. myself and my son are both Colorado Natives.. we look forward to hearing back from u soon.. Thank you and good bye for now..

  161. Love the show and the Pgh. Pendant on the office wall. My wife and I got a kick out of the Kenda ad with the blue lighted lawn tractor. I was born in Pgh and retired from the USCG and live in Erie. Keep the shows coming.

  162. Hi! I love Lt. Joe Kenda Homcide Hunter. Not much for me to do. Have been unemployed and on disability since May ’97. I would love to have an autographed photo. My husband and I have been married a little over 15 years. We love to have fun with Kendaisms live what does Joe do when he’s sad (Cry cry cry) I know stupid eh? I’m watching your Memorial Day special on ID right now. Anyway love you and Carl who plays you

  163. Please let Lt. Kenda know that I, Dave Morgan 145D, sends his regards, and hope he is doing well. I worked for “Boss” in Sandcreek as a patrol MPO and Gangnet Officer, then was fortunate to have The Boss to select me for a position in Major Crimes, in the JOU.

    The Lt. was a man I considered as my main mentor, and had a huge impact on not only who I was as a cop, but also as a human being. I think of him everyday. I retired in 2001 shortly after he left the Department.

    I am proud and humbled everyday for all he taught me, and for the butt chewings he sometimes had to give me.

    Please forward by best regards and wishes for much happiness to he and Kathy. Also, let him know I am now in North Carolina, and would love to hear from him again.

    Thank you for your time.


    D.W. Morgan

  164. Hi Joe Kenda my name is Amanda Harden I am a big fan of yours I watch a show while I used to watch it almost every Tuesday when I come home I have this anger issue problem and I told my sister if something happens to her I want to go on your show to let you investigated now I’m trying to prevent that because I don’t want to meet you like that so I would be honored if you would do that for me if something like that happens it better not I hope you get my email would love to hear from you soon

  165. Joe Kenda inspired me to want to become a Homicide Detective, I would love to meet him or even just get a message for him, if it never comes he will still be my hero, I am 17 and have not been more inspired to do anything, I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do, I started watching Homicide Hunter and I felt like I wanted to do that to, solve crimes, stop murders, and make the world a better place, so if I could meet him or even just have a signed picture or letter I would probably be the most happiest teenage girl.

  166. Joe Kenda is my hero! He is so amazing! These are the people who need to be in TV, not the Kardashians and all these worthless reality shows. This is a man that’s a true hero. I’m a public servant too, an RN. So I deal with police regurly being in an emergency room. I am going back to graduate school to work with victims of sexual assault, specifically children. I would love to hear some words of wisdom from Mr Kenda. He is a true American hero. Thanks Mr. Kenda for your service and pulling these low lives off the streets and making out country safer! Your amazing !

  167. Hi Lt. Kenda,
    I am writing because I have seen your show and you seem to have an awesome track record. I know you are retired and what I am writing about was never in your jurisdiction, but you also seem to have a track record with the military because of your work location in Colorado Springs. My ex-brother in law was murdered in 2006. His name was Paul Matthew Zeller. He was 82nd Airborne during his service in the military. When he got out, he was obviously different. He took a job at a Honda dealership and was killed after work one night after stopping at a Harris Teeter convenience store at the Pentagon Row shopping center in Arlington, VA for cigarettes. His face was blown off by a shot gun from what we were told. This case is still unresolved. To this day, nobody seems to know who killed him. This death destroyed my now ex-husband, William, Paul’s brother, and it ultimately destroyed our marriage. William was also military and had returned from another deployment in Iraq to find out his little brother was murdered shortly thereafter. He could not escape the pain, and turned to pain killers (prescribed for his degenerative disc disease) to mask not only his physical pain, but also his emotional pain…things just sort of fell apart from there. Though we are divorced now, I keep hoping that if someone was able to find out who killed Paul and why, William might find a way to get better. He also has two children that he hasn’t seen in years and they miss him. I guess, what I am asking is do you know of another place we could start investigating to find out who killed Paul? Maybe the local police force isn’t thinking of something you might…i know this is reaching, but I want William and his family to find some peace and they won’t until this case has been resolved.
    Thank you…and I apologize for bothering you with this.

  168. Dear Mr. Kenda, I love your show very much, I like how you said I don’t yell I just talk in my regular voice to stop your sure not like some cops ive seen and heard. I live just out of Toledo,ohio I don’t know what cops tased a kid so many times hes brian dead no reason for that.Your compassate when it comes to kids and other people I really like that but you know when to get mad.Love your cpmmerical when you tap your vest and say I’m protected .I hope your enjoying your retirement but I’m sure you miss your job. Tell your wife also shes a great woman standing behind you all these years ,Keep the great show up

  169. Thank you…Mr.Kenda
    You are a blessing to us all….thank you for informing me and my four kids of the evil that’s around us…God speed and God bless

  170. I would like some professional advice from Lt Kenda. My Niece sadly hung herself April 12 of this year. According to the emergancy report she was found hanging over the shower curtain rod. The dr said her layernex and esophagus was severely damaged and would never allow her to breath off a ventilator. Is this physically possible fora19 year old to do On her own?


  172. One of my best friends was murdered last week in the Ohio Valley. Cops and investigators never solve crimes around here, and the information they do have doesn’t add up at all. I feel they are looking in the wrong directions. I just want justice for my friend Kyle….he was only 15 years old. I doubt you’ll answer to this, but my family is a big fan of you and I feel you could solve this. Thanks for even reading this if you do.

  173. Good evening Mr.Kenda
    My father is quite the fan of your show and can’t get enough of it. I myself also enjoy it. I understand you might not do business inquiries but if it isn’t as big a tree to ask of you of a request similar to an inquiry. My fathers birthday is August 15th and I wanted his birthday to be not like any of his other celebratories. I am simply requesting you see my father personally I understand this is almost a tree sized request I will accept an autograph or even a phone call. Something for him to remember. Thank you for even reading this.

  174. Hey, Lt. Joe,

    Love your show.

    My 25-year-old son died under mysterious circumstances in a small rural county in Middle Tennessee. He went missing in July 1994 and his body was found 12 days later in an isolated wooded area. The COD was labeled suicide by the authorities and, according to them, there was no evidence of foul play, but, neither was there any evidence of suicide. There was no evidence of anything. He was found outside his pickup and a gun was lying nearby. “They” came to the easiest and most convenient conclusion of suicide. No one who knew him believes this.

    There had been animal activity and the upper portion of his body was scattered with, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agent involved, his skull in about 60 pieces. The ME who supposedly, examined Danny’s remains was Charles Harlan. I won’ t show him the respect of labeling him “Doctor”. Maybe you’ve heard of him in the past as, I believe, the charges against him made the national news, he was charged with many misconduct charges, as well as, incompetence. One of the outrageous actions of his was allowing his dogs to roam in the lab and eat body parts! His office only had Danny’s remains for 13+/- hours before releasing it to the funeral home. With the skull in 60ish pieces, there’s no way he/his staff could have, actually, examined Danny’s body. Dr. James Baldwin (now deceased) the Cheatham County Coroner and Harlan were members of the good ol’ boys’ club and I believe Harlan, merely, talked to Coroner Baldwin and, to the effect, said “Whatcha got?” to which Baldwin replied, “Suicide”. And that was that. End of story.

    I’m sure you’re familiar with Dr William Bass who created the Body Farm at UT Knoxville. I talked to Dr. Bass at the time and asked how long an autopsy on a body in the condition Danny’s was in would take and he said “No less than 3 days, actually, more than 3 to perform a thorough one, but, certainly no less than 3.” I, personally, don’t think the remains were even removed from the body bag.

    I’m sure you’re a very busy man, but, since you’re an excellent investigator, I would like to send you, for your perusal, the paperwork I’ve accumulated over the years, have you take a look at them and, hopefully, share your thoughts with me or tell me where I should go from here. All me and my family have needed for the last 22 years is someone who cares and is related to the field of law enforcement and who would not look at us as “just another family who can’t accept the fact that their loved one committed suicide”.

    If nothing else, maybe you could find the time to send me an email with your comments. Thank you so much for your time.

  175. Genn June 30, 2016 at 6:00 pm Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I Googled Lt. Kenda because two episodes in, and it was like watching myself on TV. Not into horoscopes but I had this huge feeling that we are pretty similar and that our birthdays have gotta be at least in the same week. What you have been doing – putting people where they belong because they decide to be stupid, is ace. I can’t stand BS either. I actually have those same expressions you do when I sense the slightest BS. Laughed out loud too many times at your sarcastic lines, and a friend of mine commented that I sound just like you, too. I don’t do sugar coating and I absolutely love it when people have something to hide, are nervous, or think they are smart. Truth – smart people don’t just proclaim their intelligence. The silent ones are the real deal. Open books are a turn off.

  176. mr.kenda … sir i have watched you show since the beginning and to me you

    are the best detective ive ever seen. i know you are retired… 27 years of

    looking at dead bodies was enough. only in colorado springs. some police arent intelligent enough

    or maybe i should have more faith in the somerville pd. have you heard or

    did you follow the deanna cremin case in march 29 1995? her poor mother

    katherine cremin needs closure. tommy leblanc was her boyfriend. please

    contact somerville police chief david fallon, middlesex district attorney marian

    ryan, or somerville mayor joseph curtatone. thank you joe

    steve andrews
    somerville mass

  177. Our family is going to be on a vacation to Colorado. It would be such an amazing surprise to our 6 and 8 year old boys to meet Lt. Joe Kenda. They are such huge fans and admire him SOOOO much. Our oldest even wants to join the military and then become a policeman and graduate to a detective. If there are any speaking engagements or possibility of making this happen, it would be spectacular. I know it is a long shot, but I would kick myself if I didn’t ask.

  178. I love your show. Something puzzles me though. Why are there so many scenes of you just smoking or lighting up (as a young cop), especially since I learned that you quit smoking? I don’t know what that adds to the show. How about in future shows you don’t smoke in the episode? I still love the show though.

  179. Dear Lieutenant Kenda:
    Just got finished watching the “Arthur Anaya” episode. Have been a big fan of yours from Day 1. I’m confident this will never reach you. But, in the event it does, please know you have a HUGE fan out there. If you have photos, I would HONORED to have your signed picture. I will forward whatever cost you require. THANK YOU.

    FYI: My buddy & I were on our way to VAIL in 1974. Picked up a hitchhiker in Nebraska. Started talking about CS…his response “Oh murder city”..No lie. Hope this reaches you.

  180. Hello, Lt. Joe Kenda. I am so happy to finally talk to you. I am a huge fan of yours and it would make me the happiest person on earth if I could meet you in person. When I’m old enough I want to be forensic scientist. I would love to meet you. You are a huge inspiration. You are and will always be my hero. My thirteenth birthday will be in September and I know I might be too young to think about my career or who I like best because I could always change my mind but just know I will not change my mind about what I’m saying now. Please email me back. I would appreciate if you responded. I Love you. Bye for now and thank you for your time.

  181. Dear Detective

    My brother died about 2 years ago, he was 35 years old. They still have not given us any final information and people say it was suicide but no one has given us anything since he was in a car accident with a bullet wound to his head… Now they say they cant find his information or the evidence… Please would you be so kind as to have a look at the case, with all my hart I ask you… We cant get any closure and just want to know what happened please could you help?

  182. Dear Mr. Kenda, you do not know that you are partially responsible for saving my life. Several years ago, I was a highly educated professional with a terrific government position, owned my own home, the works. Then, suddenly, it all collapsed…….a tree fell on my house, completely destroying it, I had a stroke which resulted in my losing my ability to perform my job, lost my carreer, and then had spine surgery to remove 14 levels of my spine to correct scoliosis, replacing them with a metal rod. At this point I am in constant horrific pain, have difficulty standing and walking, am barely getting by financially, and to tell the truth, life is pure torture. I was ready to end it. But watching your excellent show and seeing your persistence helped me to hang in there, persist, and keep working on getting help, not giving up. thank you, from me and from my grandkiddies. Keep up the super work! Sincerely, Kathy

  183. Joe absolutely love your presentations. Such a dry sense of humour which must have seen you through some tense times!
    I was born Sept1 46. We’ve both seen better times.
    Yeovil Somerset England

  184. I worked FOR DOC for 19yrs and was in contact with Jennifer Realy my whole career, she was a pice of work and model prisoner, she is now in a half way house and had cancer, I love watching your show since I worked in male and female facilities I like to see how many offenders I know

  185. Hello Lt. Joe!!!! My mother and I love watching your show! You are an incredible detective! Very intelligent, witty, and caring. As with all your fans across the nation I would love to get an autograph or even BETTER a chance to meet you in person. Please let me know if you are ever in Coeur d’ Alene, ID. Thanks for making such a difference!

  186. I am British,I live, and have always lived, in the UK. Im a huge fan of Lt Joe and his view of how life really works(at least as it comes over in the TV shows) .
    When you break the shows down and look carefully its refreshing to see just how much these cases were solved by good basic police work that was pointed in the right direction by a man who understood people as they really are.
    I would love to meet the man himself but although I visit the USA from time to time I suspect that would prove impossible, but “you never know” as Joe would say. If I ever come face to face with him it will be my honour to shake his hand,and what would be the first thing id say? “my my” of course

  187. Mr Kenda,

    Thank you for sharing your years of detective work. My family loves sitting down together watching your show!

    O’Connor family

  188. Hello, my name is Penny. In August of 1992 my little sister Toni Ackerman Martinez was shot 6 times w/ a 9mm. To this day it is still a cold case. And the Police Department in Seguin Texas doesn’t seem to have any interest in bringing justice for Toni. I’ve seen your show a few times and thought if you want a really hard challenge, maybe you could look at this case. Not one day goes by that I don’t miss her laugh and smile and love she gave to anyone whom she met. Thank you for your time sir.

  189. I’m an Indonesian citizen and was wondering if (ret) Lt. Kenda could help find the killer of this woman in January 2016. The news has been all over the news for months and even until July, the police were only “busy” with just one suspect duuuhh! They missed the deceased’s husband who was supposed to be the #1 suspect, in my opinion. Sometimes I thought “Lt. Kenda must have found the killer” lol…If only I had a chance to talk to him ^_^

  190. Thank you for the work you do. My question is this; who do you believe murdered Elizabeth Short (aka the Black Dahlia)?

  191. Hi my name is Denise. I went to church with a mom and daughter. Her daught Ericka dawn Brair. She was born 2/23/89 and was murdered 4/16/07. After talking to her mom a couple of years ago I been looking for someone to help this grieving mother find her daughters murder before she dies. This is all she wants. To give her closure would be the best thing to give her. She has her suspicions but with out proof the killer has gotten away. Please help!!!

  192. Hey Joe! I need your help! My disabled mom was in a nursing home in Fort Worth Texas and they abused and mistreated her and forged a MPOA and DNR! I think I have a good idea who did it and why! My mom passed away and also they gave her Alchool while she was in the nursing home on multiple pain meds and she had severe skin ulcers and pneumonia! Both the nursing home and hospital are involved and they both are trying to cover it up!

  193. How does one go about getting a more Lena to solve a new mystery regarding a missing girl and some sketchy police work with hardly any results in finding the young girl who is horribly disabled.

  194. hey Joe love your show. Just wondered have you ever killed anyone? I am also from Pennsylvania ever here of the lehigh valley ? Allentown, Bethlehem Easton/

  195. Hi Lt. Kenda, I’m one of your biggest fans. I want to become a homicide investigator when I’m out of high school and I’ve wanted to meet you since I first watched your show. you’re such an inspiration to me, and watching what you’ve been through is tough, but I know all the sacrifices are worth it to keep murderers off the streets and I want to be just like you. Is there anyway I could meet you or Skype you. that would be amazing!

  196. Lt Kenda I am a prosecutor and my fiancée is a Deputy. We both live in Florida. We’re getting married at the end of this month. My fiancée is inspired by you and loves your show. I would love to be able to get an autographed picture from you for her as a wedding gift. Let me know if this is possible! Thank you in advance!

  197. We seriously need you Joe Kenda! We have officers offering my sister in law a job because she does a better job than they do!

  198. Since watching Lt. Kenda, my teenage daughter has decided to Persue a career in the criminal justice field, specifically police detective. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and experiences with America. I wanted to mention that my teenage son uses the esteemed Lt.’s name as an adjective, he will say; “I don’t believe you, I need to “Kenda” the whole story!” Lol

  199. Sir:
    You state in your current promo that there is only three reasons people murder. Having watched your show I believe that you missed at least one: Joy or for the thrill, I have seen your shows where the murder victims were killed and not raped or robbed by individuals unknown to the victim or by the murder. Further I am not sure if insanity would be classified with the above or not.


  200. My Sister Cassandra Rundle along with my niece Melaine and nefew Detrick were murdered in Colorado Springs. It destroyed my family. I would love to speak to someone about this case.

    1. Reuben:

      I have been following your family’s case since day one. I would welcome the opportunity to communicate with you.

      Please know I will be mailing a letter to you within a week’s time.


      TJ (my initials only; will provide full name, etc., with communication to you)

  201. Hello Lt. Kenda I’m a big fan, and your really awesome at your job. I’m a 18yr old women married and have one kid (son). Me and my husband watch your show and I’ve seen how you have solved some really difficult cases. I was wondering if you could put a little girl to rest in peace. JonBenet Ramsey please look into that case. You fan.

  202. I just want to say I’m a big fan!! You’re a real inspiration and I plan on becoming a police officer. I am ready for the new season! I love hearing you retell your cases, I hope to meet you someday!!

  203. Joe, u r amazing. Why don’t u investigate all the deaths (murders) surrounding the Clinton’s (90) of them. Great TV!!! Please, just a few would be so cool!

    1. Where in the name of creation do you get the idea, much less information, that “90 murders” have occurred “surrounding” the Clintons? Please don’t confuse political character assassination with actual fact.

      Of course, if Lt. Kenda were to look into them and actually expose them for fabrication and slander, then at last people who seriously want to believe it might have to listen.

  204. I will be very short. As Joe kenda has said several times. There is a God. Season 6 on its way. Cant wait. Thank you I.D. best show ever.

  205. Lt.Kenda, If you could look over the crime scene evidence, that may still exist , on the 1964 un-solved murder of Beverly Jarosz in Garfield Heights,Ohio, and come to a reasonable decision all these years later, then I will believe. Beverly was murdered in her bedroom, a rope around her neck and 42 stab wounds, and she put up a good fight. There was a large whole kicked in her slanted ceiling above her bed during the struggle. I am sure there has to be somekind of DNA left behind, after all she was not murdered in a park or wooded area or swamp. Her very own bedroom. Please look at this un-solved crime 52 years later.

  206. I am sure as a child, you had a mom and dad and siblings. But never growing up in your wildest imagination did you ever think you would oversee homicides. I can see in your eyes the effect this has had. My grandfather was a Marine flamethrower in Iwo Jima during WWII, he didn’t come back the same. Thank you for your service sir.

  207. Are you able to help? My father was brutally murdered 10 years this November! It is now a cold case and I would love a set of new and professional eyes to take a look at the case.

    1. Some times fresh eyes that simply look into cold cases out of an unusual hobby& curiosity can help, such as myself. I’m not in law enforcement but I profiled, on my own time & was completely correct, the BTK killer also known as Dennis Rader. So if you want to give it a try I’d gladly help you out, if I can. After all, it can’t hurt any to give it a fresh look from a person completely unconnected. Right. And if this message gets to you after the case has been solved, & I honestly hope that’s the case, then I’m glad that you have that peace. Hope all is well. Be in touch if you want/need me.

  208. Good morming. I am the woman in the red wheelchair, who gave Mr. Kenda my pen at the meet-and-greet signing in silver spring, md on sunday. I had an idea……perhaps Mr. Kenda could have a bunch of lg. pics made up ready to sign, to give out to the fans lining up to meet him. the crumpled newspaper that i had is a little…..well, crumply 🙂 even though I treasure it.
    Seems it may be a rather small expense, given that so so many folks spend a good bit of time and money to come and see/meet him 🙂 thank you very much for coming here, and talking to us. Made my day!!!!!
    Kathy Young
    PO Box 444, eldersburg, md, 21784

  209. We need help! A friend of mine was murdered a couple of months ago and left in a small pond for a week. She was 21 years old with a whole life ahead of her. Someone was arrested and released in less than 24 hours. It happened in Logansport Louisiana. Please help, nothing ever gets done in small towns! She will never have justice if we are relying on them to do anything. I’m begging for your help! Her murderer should not be able to roam free!

  210. Lt Kenda,

    I was wondering if you ever had any cases involving a fellow police officer? If so I would be interested in watching an episode where you had to match wits with another police officer.

    p.s. Loved your TV commercial! Knew you had a sense of humor in there some place lol

    Take care…..

  211. This might sound CRAZY but do think there is any way I can get an AUTOGRAPH PIC of Joe Kenda? I really Like Him and Admire his work that I have seen on TV and have READ ABOUT all over the Internet.
    I have left my EMAIL and If I can get an Autograph I can supply my Address Once Contacted. Thank You So Much.

  212. I notice that the producers have had “Kenda” take up cigarette smoking; no doubt because the tobacco industry is paying you to advertise cigarette smoking. You should be ashamed of yourselves, taking money from this “industry of death” to help them promote this disgusting, antisocial, “dying habit”—truly disgusting! And I choose to no longer watch your “Homicide Hunter” series because I have no wish to be subjected to this back-door cigarette advertising, and I wonder how many other viewers will feel the same way?

  213. Hi writing from the united kingdom!!!!! I love lt joe he is amazing!! I record all of his programme he is just fabulous. Would love a sign autograph from him!!! Thank you x

  214. I would like to be able to contact him. I am currently working on a biography paper for my college and have some questions for him. if someone can please help me, thank you.

  215. i truly like to open up a can of worms it has to do with a young lady death i believe her name was Sahara she was found in Barnsted NH some lake I have more info once i find the paperwork it should help the hunter out I just think its wrong hopefully there will be some help

  216. Hello–

    I am not sure if this is the right outlet to contact you. However, I did not find another way. Our family is searching for answers in the homicide of my brother Stephen D. Halton, Jr. on January 11, 2014. If someone could please contact me, we are desperately looking for someone to bring closure to his wife and small children.

  217. Hi Joe i watch your show all the time…good job. I read where your from Pennsylvania so am i but now live in California… have you ever heard of the lehigh valley area Allentown, Bethlehem Easton…please write back soon


  218. The best show on ID discovery I am so happy I get to watch your show you must have the most amazing wife in the entire world I have a cousin that has been married almost as long as you have to the same lady and he was a police officer and held every position except for police chief he said he did not want to do the paperwork but he would do all the other work I love your show thank you for sharing it what the rest of us it is amazing

    1. I really love your show and for Christmas ask someone to buy me one of your t-shirts and the commercial that airs 4 are dead air for Halloween was one of the funniest commercials I had ever seen in my entire life my husband said how much money that they had to pay that man to do that commercial because he is a manly man laugh out loud

  219. Your show is addictive. In return I am going to give you some things to google and you can respond how you see fit. Off. Jason Ellis over 250000.00 reward, Kathy and Samantha Netherland maybe reward unknown, crystal Rogers missing since july 2015 and niw as of saturday Tommy Ballard killed father of crystal rogers. Small town of bardstown, ky all unsolved. They all are tragedies and sickening but the latest of Tommy will rip a heart apart. Hope you read and if you do I know you will reply.

  220. I posted a request on August 29. It says my comment is “awaiting moderation”. Can anyone tell me if it will ever be answered ?

  221. I need your help! My sister was murdered in Columbiana County Ohio, she has been their last count of unsolved murders. I am a veteran and so is my brother. Our family as others would really appreciate your help with the County’s in ability to solve the case. They had the culprit in custody twice.

  222. I have a problem with one of your cases that I just watched on ID. I think you are an absolute genius, so I’m not saying you are wrong, but this one just doesn’t make sense and I was hoping you could set my mind at ease. The episode just aired recently and it involves 3 people, 2 of whom are dead. Apparently a successful man was fearful of the community finding out he was gay and killed a cook that he had just had an affair with. Apparently this guy was going to try to extort some money from him to keep his secret. So, he shot the guy, drug the body to the garage and then killed himself by carbon monoxide poisoning. Now, the young man who told you about this, the one who sat down and had a beer after finding a suicide note, led you to a closet where there were bondage toys and incriminating photos were hidden. What doesn’t make sense to me, is if this guy didn’t want anyone to know about his lifestyle, why didn’t he destroy that stuff before taking his own life? He had the time! Hope you can answer this for me because it’s driving me nuts. Thanks

  223. Hi, Lt. Kenda. I am a huge fan of your show. My father was in law enforcement, but he was not a detective.

    I was wondering what your thoughts about the JonBenet are. What did you think of the investigation? I recently watched the 3 night special about that, and honestly can’t make up my own mind about whether or not her parents were involved.

    I know that crime scene was completely compromised, and that the media crucified her parents in the public eye. I’m really interested in what you think about it.

  224. Lt. Kenda,

    there are two bits of medical info that you’ve stated in episodes that aired which were wrong, and I’m hoping you’ll correct them for public consumption:

    – “alcohol is a depressant”, which in context, your statement confused with being an emotional depressant. You said that somebody who was feeling badly would only feel worse after drinking. Centuries of history have shown that in fact that a few drinks tend to get you feeling a lot lighter (unless you were angry to start with, in which case…). Bars don’t makes lots of money selling something that gets their customers emotionally depressed.
    It’s not an emotional depressant, it’s a neural depressant. And the neural impulses it first suppresses are the inhibitory ones, the ones that counterbalance the excitatory impulses so that between them they produce fine control and proportionate sensations. Which is why you feel a bit cheerier, but also have progressively less self control and less co-ordination, with the first drink or two.

    – there’s a vacuum in the skull. I wondered if I’d misheard this, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t. There is no vacuum anywhere in the body! No way to establish it, and enormous stress on any body part having to sustain it. And the body part would have to go without blood or oxygen, so it would pretty soon be dead. In particular, the brain would suffer severely from exposure to vacuum — it has all the rigid strength of a bowl of jello. I don’t know if you were thinking of the ventricles in the brain, which of course have no air in them — but they’re far from empty, they produce (or absorb?) the cerebro-spinal fluid that circulates and bathes the brain and spinal cord.

    If what I’m saying sounds unlikely, follow it up with any doctors you know — I assume you know a few from the coroner’s office.

    Best regards.

  225. Hello I watch your program as much as my time allows I would love to play a small part in your show thank you for your time and God Bless

  226. Oh how you make me remember my Dad yes he was a police Officer and he taught me a lot I worked for the Buffalo Metro transit and yep fleat feet ha I’ve seen things but carried a 41 mg Dad. Was smart and my life has been saved due to his knowledge I shoot my gun once and never did I ever have proublem after that!!! Yes I worked in a bad section African Amican and at that time we only had the wooden stickers haha I could tell you things but we don’t have the time but it was a pleasure to talk to you and Dad always said soft voice gets you more then yelling your wonderful and your like my Dad well now at 66 every part of my feet still hurt God Bless

  227. Lt Joe, Where can I get a autographed picture of you and the young actor that plays you on the show?? MY friend Joan Charles absolutely LOVES Lt. Joe.

  228. My wife is one of your biggest fans! I would love and appreciate if there was ANY WAY she could get and autographed picture of Lt. Joe. Her name is Cynthia, I’m her husband and she watches the show anytime it’s on. Please let me know how of if I could get this for her. Thank You!
    Bruce Kizer
    Collins, AR

  229. Hi! I would like to know if there’s away I can get autograph picture of you for my husband. He watches your show faithly? You remind me so much like my brother with your dry sense of humor. He too is a chief of police.

    Vicki Meyer

  230. I noticed on the intro to the show, that when Joe K. puts his handgun into his holster , that it is caulked. I think the show is Great, but this really stupid !

  231. Love this Show, I am currently moving into the investigators position at my PD. I would love to have an autographed Pic of Joe to put in my office for inspiration. Any way you could help me out

  232. Ever since the fifth grade I knew that I wanted to be a forensic anthropologist. Human anatomy and murder investigations are my true passion. I am still obtaining my bachelor’s degree, and was wondering if I could ask a few questions about Lt. Joe Kenda’s fieldwork? I am trying to get in contact with homicide detectives and forensic investigators to help me get a better understanding of what I will be getting into once I graduate with my degree.

  233. Good evening,
    I am writing you in an attempt to make my niece’s biggest dream come true this Christmas at no cost. She lives in Washington state with my brother and his wife who are very successful. She can have anything she wishes and yet asks for nothing. They came into town for the week yesterday, and my brother (her dad) took me to the grocery store to fill the house with groceries. (We really didn’t need it per say) Just a great family with morals and values. She is a sixteen year old girl who is finishing her last two years of schooling in college versus high school and will graduate with an Associates degree and high school diploma in the same day. She holds a 4.0 GPA and is going to work for the FBI when she graduates. While she can have whatever, she asked her dad to take her to your favorite restaurant in Suffolk in hopes you would come in so she could meet you and ask for your autograph, but yesterday must not have been your day to be there. She is in town through Christmas weekend right here in Chesapeake. I don’t have money to compare to what her parents can buy, and it wouldn’t even matter if I did…just figure i would go far out on a limb to see if there was any way you might be able to help me make her dream come true? Even an autograph, or a picture… Anything would mean so much. Never hurts to ask. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

    Della Johnson

  234. Joe; I was a tow truck driver in Ft. Collins and assisted in many cases of serious crime in transporting and maintaining vehicles involved in these crimes. I note many of your processes and procedures were very consistent to my dealings with law enforcement. in 1995 I was able to get personalized plates for my tow vehicle reading “TOW TRK” and in 1998 for the flat bed I got “ROOLBCK”. my inquire for you; did you get personalized tags that read “MYMYMY”.

  235. Please give Joe this message. My mom has had major depressive disorder for 6 years now, and she is 66 years old. Yours is her favorite show on TV. I am here with her on Christmas Eve watching your marathon. Thank you for this great memory we have together.

  236. I want a t shirt with a picture of Joe in the center,and it to say .Don’t call me a lawyer ,call Joe Kenda for me.Or if I have one call,don’t call my mommy,call me a KENDA !!!!!!

  237. Lt. Kenda…I love your show…I have to say you are a brilliant Detective and excellent at your field of expertise….I have an issue at hand, not even one I think you could advise me on, but I am taking a shot at it….I lost my son to a hit and run driver April 26, 2015 in Austin Texas.. It was all over the news media down in Austin Texas…My son had just re enlisted in the Army and went to a Concert in Austin that he always so enjoyed… It took months almost or about 8 months to get the forensics that a white car killed my son.. One of 3 types of Ford vehicle…No one has come forward in killing my son that night, no witnesses have come forward that may have seen anything that night…To this day we pray that something will come up to answer our prayers that the person who took his life will be found.. Whether by guilt, or someone else who knows what happened that night can’t take the guilt themselves and turns the person in, or something comes up that the car that did kill him night comes up in something else… I am at such a loss…I do work continuously with the Detective In Austin, Texas…I will never loose hope… Not sure there is anything u can say or do, but I figured an extra set of eyes might come up with something… It doesn’t hurt to try… Not a day goes by I don’t miss my son and my daughter doesn’t miss not only her brother but her best friend.. He never met his one and only niece either…He was set to come home for a visit end of May of 2015 but was killed end of April of 2015…Anything you can do would be appreciated… Any ideas would be surely more then appreciated…. Thank u again…Sincerely… Lynn Pagan

  238. Mr Kenda
    In Decemter 1959 a family named Walker was murdered in Florida (only a few weeks after the Clutter family in Kansas that Capote wrote about). Of what you know, has anyone ever been caught or at least a strong suspect in that case? Of all the investigation shows, I’ve never seen one that covered this brutal crime. Where could I look to get an answer? An response would be helpfull. Thanks for your time.

  239. My my my. I hope I am doing this correctly. My granddaughter wants to be a detective. She is 13 and is already seeing where she can get her degree. We watch all the time even reruns She wanted me to ask you to come for her birthday but I did tell her I think you were a little busy. I thought maybe an autographed picture would be great. If it is possible could I get an autographed picture for her. I ordered her a tee shirt for Christmas and it is the 26th of December and I still have not received it but it is in process of being shipped and she will love like it was Christmas Day. Thank you for your time. One more thing your wife is a saint. Especially after I watched the Christmas episode. Thanks again

  240. Lieutenant, I recently found your show, and have watched several episodes (odd for me, which I will explain). As a 23 year veteran as a uniformed/badged chaplain with a large metro Chicago department, I readily admit that law enforcement shows have no appeal for me. I actively avoid them. In my years of service I have been at the scene of dozens of suicides, homicides, infanticides, and fatalities. I have buried three murdered (by their mother) children, one detective friend who took his own life, and three other officers and two firefighters. My butt has been in enough squad cars that I still smell the boozey vomit, cigarettes and strong coffee. My training is in FBI Gang Policy, Police Line of Duty Deaths, Sexual Trafficing, Chaplains Intterface with community resources, and chaplains reaching across ecclesticle lines to unlike faith traditions. My swat commander trained me on weapons, principally my own 9mm S&W, I have performed an unreal number of death notifications, and finally walked away when these ended one marriage and chipped away at my second. Faith, while a great benefit, is not a “Get Out of Jail Free Card)” with respect to the caustic nature of the trade. Your show grabbed me because it is a close approximation with my own experiences. I did not play any part, of course, in solving crime, but I played a large role in absorbing its impact on my officers, and the citizens I served. I am not looking for a magic talisman to make all I saw and did okay, but think it may be a good thing to reach out to one who ‘gets it.’ If that meets your approval, I would appreciate the contact. My wife, while not a fan of what I did, seems to try to push me back into the work. This will never happen. I do social service work now for The Salvation Army. It keeps me active, pays me a check, and does not require a uniform. God Bless you in what you do. I hope we can make contact. I assure you, I do not glom onto people, I honor boundaries, and I’m a fair conversationilst. I hope you will reach out. I promise I’m not some dude looking to be saved. I’m just an old sorta LEO-type looking for a nod. ~~ Jim

  241. Lieutenant, I worked with a large metro Chicago agency for 23 years, as a uniformed and badged chaplain. My role was odd. They cross-trained me, as though I were an officer. Our Special Response Team worked with me in weapons training, and I worked with them several times, acting as the pretend offender. In the 90’s, when money was flowing more freely, they flew me all over the country, getting the best possible training. I was trained by individual state, county, local agencies, and Gang Policy, led by the FBI. I led a team of up to 16 other volunteer chaplains, whose roles were much more sedate. Over the course of my time there, I was directly involved in several homicides, suicides and fatalities. I also conducted dozens of Death Notifications. Unfortunately, I buried three officer friends. One was a suicide, and was our star investigator. I buried him the day before a mother in our city poisoned and killed her three young children. That case was on my plate for a very long time, dealing with the 1st responders, and even our call center. My wife, at the time, was falling apart, and made attempts on my life. This whole mess ended with her leaving, and me drawing my law enforcement career to a close. But I began having difficulty sleeping. Nightmares, and the like. Unfortunately, there has been no one willing to listen. Even a therapist was like talking to a brick wall. I am no fan of “cop shows,” for lots of reasons. But this weekend, I saw your marathon, and thought I would reach out and see what may happen. This thumbnail sketch must surely sound like a joke, but I assure you, it’s all true. I know there are probably no answers, and miracles don’t seem to be in the tool box of a guy like me. I was just wondering if making a contact may, even in a small way, be helpful. I do not mean to put the load on you, Lieutenant. Maybe something as small as reaching out would be good. Anyway, thank you for your time, sir. For some reason, hitting the “Post Comment” button seems difficult. I’m supposed to BE the guy with the answers. I am stable; not a suicide risk, but it feels like it’s all been for nothing. — James

  242. Dear Friends…

    My spouse and I enjoy Lt. Kenda’s program very much. His stories are outstanding. The actor who portrays Lt Kenda should have earned an Oscar a long time ago. Lt. Kenda is wonderful. However, I respectfully request the story writers PLEASE consider the following for accuracy…

    Can you please, give credit due to the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command (USACIC) and/or the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) when telling the stories of criminal investigations pertaining to suspects who are active duty Army or Air Force personnel.

    I have been a member of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) since 1980’s and am well aware of the cooperation between Military Criminal Investigations Organizations (MICO’s) and the civilian law enforcement community.

    It has been my experience the cooperation between the military and civilian law enforcement agencies brings credit to all involved.

    I am sure Lt Kenda agrees.

    Thank you.

  243. My, my, my. Joe Kenda, you are a gifted raconteur. I wonder if you would consider recording my voice mail greeting?

  244. Hello my name is babette my son Ethan is a huge fan of Joe kenda he wants to grow up and solve crimes just like the homicide hunter my son is a high functioning autistic would it be possible to get an autograph pic of the homicide hunter for my son he would be over the moon please his name is Ethan porter if it wouldn’t be to much to ask thank you for your time

  245. My fiancé was a police officer/detective in Cheyenne, WY. He recently was diagnosed with leukemia and is undergoing treatment in Denver, CO. My fiancé is a huge fan of Joe. I would love to do the Cruise with Joe in the future as we can’t make this coming one. When would the next cruise be? Also, does Joe make visits to cancer patients in CO? I would love to help my fiancé meet his favorite celebrity. He will be getting chemo at different times throughout January and February in Aurora,CO. My fiancé is Thomas Garrison P54, retired if Joe would like to look him up.

  246. I love you Mr Kenda! I live in Denver, just north of you a bit. You’re fascinating, to say the least! Thank you for doing what you do! I’m sorry this has effected your life negatively (i.e., always working, not sleeping, nightmares). I would be so greatly honored to meet you or at least attend a speaking event of yours. Thank you AGAIN, for everything!!! Thank Kathy & your kiddos too, as I am sure they have suffered right along with you.

  247. Would love for Kenda to come solve a 28 year murder cold case in Texas! Went to school with the girl murdered and her family would love to have answers!

  248. Joe,

    I’d like to say that you are a credit to the Police Department. You don’t take the lazy mans way out in solving a case but are concerned with the truth. I’m very grateful for your show, perhaps it was meant to be aired at such a time as this.
    God bless you and keep you.

  249. Have you ever received a false confession from a suspect? Your comments on your cases are very interesting. You have a unique and quite knowledgeable view of people’s motivations for their actions. I really enjoy watching your show. Thanks, TB

  250. My name is Cherisse COMBS, I live in Kerrville TX, and I need your help. My son Charles “Chuck “COMBS was murdered in 1994 by my ex husband Robert Preston Fowler in the small West Texas town of Andrews. He was a hometown boy in a good old boy town. At the time it happened it was deemed a suicide. In my heart, I know that wasn’t true but the PD, the Sheriffs department and my now ex husband said that it was. There was no investigation. They took Roberts word, since He was there!!. We moved from there in 96,to Kerrville, TX. Several years later, after Robert got into Meth and left me for another Meth addict, he got into trouble, lost his job, and had to leave town, back to Andrews. A couple of years later, I received a call from him, and he said Chuck was haunting him. Then he said that he was the one, He did it. Called me some nasty names and hung up. Now I know that there was a cover-up. Since then I have gone to everyone from the Texas Rangers to Dr Phil, to no avail. My Son Charles deserves justice. This has left my daughter, who was 13 at the time and my son was 15, really angry and messed up. The guilt I have for bringing this man into our lives is overwhelming. Mr Kendall, please help us. Thank-you. Cherisse COMBS. My phone #REDACTED BY ADMIN.

  251. Mr. Kenda,

    I wanted to thank you for solving the murder of my friend, Roy Johnson from Colorado Springs in the 70’s. “Woody” as we called him because of his wooden leg, was a very caring person and certainly did not deserve what happened to him. I was away at College when Woody was killed and I never knew the specifics of his death until I watched an episode the other night. I was extremely disappointed that his killer only got 4 years in prison.

  252. Dear Mr. Kenda,

    I am a school bus driver in Virginia and I substitute for special needs bus attendants as well. I heard you were a special needs bus driver for ten years after your career as a homicide detective. Mr. Kenda I am writing to ask if you would be a guest speaker at our In-Service meeting on January 27th? If you are busy would you be interested in sending a “Video Guest” message? We hire mostly parents and retirees. You would be a very motivational guest speaker for us. And maybe give our Transportation Department a positive direction.

    Mr. Kenda, our county has seen the largest departure of school bus drivers and attendants in history, under 100 new hires in two years and turnover of two directors in two years. We have also had the largest growth in NOVA. Unfortunately, also have been passed over in the budget (Loudoun County has a 1.1 Billion dollar budget this year) for attendance bonuses, new busses and advertising for new drivers.

    Please take a few minutes of your day and let us know if you would like to come and share your story or send a video message. Once I hear back from you, I will put you in contact with our Director of Transporation.


  253. I love the show. BUT S2/Ep7: “His intent doesn’t matter when the end result is death”. IMHO, this is legally incorrect. What about 1st degree murder vs negligent vs accident? Also, some effort to prosecute terroristic threats with multiple witnesses might help. Vigilantism increases when people don’t feel their rights are protected.

  254. Dear sir …. I’m from Sacramento , ca … My mother was murdered in 1983 … There was so many many questions left unanswered … I am 5o years old now I was a teen then if you can suggest anything or anyone to look at the case please do so … There’s so much more but not for public eye … Thank you for your time … K. R . B . T. I’m so sorry I should of told you I’m a avid fan watch religiously … That’s why I’ve I only asked help this once … You have trusting eyes … Thank you again weather you answer or not ….

  255. You remind me of my father, no nonsense, and nothing but the facts. I guess what I enjoy most about the retelling of your experiences, is knowing that all of us who listen to you, get to play a part in your PTSD therapy. I know how big of a deal that is, personally.
    Thanks for being one of my heroes, and I hope the future holds only the best for you and your lovely wife and kids!

  256. Love the show. If my TV is on, Kenda is what we are watching. My 11 year old daughter loves the show as well as my 6 year old Westie (dog) Jazzy. All of my coworkers call me Kenda because they know how much I love the show! Thanks for your service, Lt and thanks for the show!

  257. Lieutenant Joe Kenda,

    My Wife and myself are addicted to Homocide Hunter. Without a doubt it is the best show on TV regarding police work.

    I myself am a retired ( 29 years ) police Lieutenant from the Bloomfield NJ Police Department, 12 miles West of mid Town Manhattan.

    Hopefully we will join you on Kenda cruise 2018 if there is one.

    Some questions regarding the show:
    • Why so many homocides in C S ?
    • Why when young Kenda is called on the radio in his unmarked , does he use a hand held portable?
    • Are the patrolmen in the young Kenda scences former CSPD coworkers, because they are all older and grey hair officers?
    • Ive seen real photos of you when you had curly hair and a mustache, will Carl Marino ever sport that Kenda look?
    • Lastly , in the episode when you were a rookie and get shot at, ( BEST EVER ) , not one Officer has a hat wreath on his hat. I know it minor, but in my PD he would of had his head chopped off without that wreath on his hat. By the boss or IA…

    Once again the show is fantastic, and your stories are riveting.
    Thank you for being you.


  258. On another site they listed your most favorite sayings. They forgot “My My” which you said the day I realized that you are someone special. I am sooooo glad your wife made you call back. It is much more than the fact you solved cases. It is you. So obviously a man who has no insecurites about himself, who can handle things what ever size or meaning they have. Your protrayal of someone who dressed up as you was perfect, no hesitation, no fear, you know who you are and man enough that you do not need to prove it. Ever. I hope your retirement is long, healthy, and happy.
    In the shop there are no autographed pictures but I would really like one if anyone can clue me in where and how I can get one.

  259. Hello Mr. Kenda , I truly enjoy your show. I’m sure you never dreamed they’d make a television show out of your career. You were very good at your job. I especially enjoy the part of the show when you talk about the crime itself and the steps taken to solve it. Not trying to get off of the subject, but you remind me of an older lady I knew when I was young, she was my ex-wife’s grandmother born in 1905. Her birthdate was August 26, we would talk for hours about her times past. She had a lot of neat sayings I still remember today. Please keep up the good work sir. May God bless you and keep you, Sincerely, Gary Burrage

  260. I have been so curious and I can not find the answer as to why Kenda left homicide to go back to patrol when his ultimate goal was to work in homicide? Why did he change positions and leave homicide and come back? Please help me with this answer and thanks.

  261. Hi. I’ve been a fan of Joe since the very first episode, and Investigation Discovery as well. Since the first show I’ve walked around occasionally saying “My, my, my.”. He’s like the grandpa everyone wishes they have/had. Right though? lol The point to my comment/post here is I’m wondering if he ever travels, particularly in the East coast area of the U.S. because I would absolutely LOVE to meet him & give him a big hug for giving the women of the world hope that there ARE still good genuinely real men out there, police officers or otherwise. The very fact that you have this site tells me that you have ALOT of pride in your family heritage, as do I, so kudos to you for putting that pride out for the world to see. I too have always been very proud of the men in my family, so with that we can connect, although none of my family members past or present are in law enforcement. Anyhow, I’ll wrap this up & keep my fingers crossed that I get a positive happy-dance type of response from you. Bottom line, I’d love to meet him & Kathy too ofcourse. I live in NJ, & strangely enough visiting Colorado has been a dream of mine since the first time I caught wind of the winter X-Games on TV manyyyy years ago, so if he/they plan to be in NY/NJ any time I’d love to meet them, maybe bring my boyfriend who’s almost as big of a fan as I am & we could mayyybe do a couples double-date type lunch. Who knows? Anything is possible & NY is simply 50 miles away from me. I’d love to hear back from you about this, either yay or nay. Hope all is well with you & yours.

  262. I absolutely love the show. I’m a huge fan. I have a situation as to which I need advice. Jan 30th a situation which was an unnecessary tragedy was closed rather quickly. There are too many inconsistencies in the story. I know who needs to be held accountable. I need some advice. This story would sure catch his attention.

  263. My husband a retired police officer is a huge fan. I have tried to locate a something autographed and have had no success. I would be willing to pay for it. Thank you

    1. I’m reaching out to Joe for help. A nearby City, Delphi Indiana, (I live in Lafayette Indiana) had a horrific double homicide. Two teenage girls were murdered and one of them had the presence of mind to pull her phone out and take a picture and video tape, or at least record what she could of what was happening to her. The police are in a Statewide search looking for this man. Me personally, and the public, only have so much information being released. Nancy Grace is stopping by Delphi Indiana to assist in some manner, what that is I’m unsure. I would greatly appreciate it if former Lieutenant Joe Kenda could possibly somehow assist the Delphi police in this matter. This story has made Nationwide news so I could only assume you may have heard of the story. Thanks for your time and your dedication to what you do.

  264. Dear Lieutenant Kenda,

    My nephew Jeff Rogers was murdered in a home invasion on April 8, 2008 in Kansas City Kansas. He was shot and stabbed several times but did not survive on his way to the hospital.

    This is a Cold Case that needs attention.

    Jeff’s family and friends have exhausted our efforts over the years trying to get any progress towards this case by working with both the media and authorities but still to no avail.

    To this day there is approximately a $10,000 reward available which includes the State of Kansas Governors Reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. There has been tips come in but still things remain dormant.
    We are reaching out to anyone that could help bring some closure in this horrible homicide.
    Jeff was a wonderful young man at the age of 25 that never got a chance in life. If you have any suggestions or could help in this case it would be greatly appreciated.

    Crimes like this are senseless and need to be stopped.

    Below is a media video and the Governors Reward.
    Also, for more info anyone can google (Jeff Rogers Kansas City Homicide)

    Thanks for listening Lt. Joe,



  265. Great show Joe 👍- well presented love cool manner – I have to get up at 1.00 am to watch you lol – but well worth it … your a credit to the force 👍👍- all the best Tim

  266. Mr Kenda. My name is Curtus Green. I am the son of Charles Lee Green the lead crime scene investigator in colorado springs. My father worked with you for many years. I have just recently statred watching your show. I would like the opportunity to talk to you. Please contact me. Respectfully Curtus Green.

  267. Is there a way to possibly get a Joe Kenda autograph for my dad and have hi me meet Joe Kenda in person next time Joe Kenda Is in Colorado Springs?

  268. Hi Joe!
    I am a high schooler searching for a career. I was taking a career matchmaker from our school and homicide detective came up. How did you get into the field? Do you have any suggestions for somebody trying to become a detective? Thanks!

  269. Does Mr. Kenda ever personally respond on this blog? I’m not going to read the whole thing, just to find out he doesn’t. If not, it’s useless. I’d like to ask him a question about why the perps name are changed, more often than not.

  270. Hey Mr. Kenda,
    First, myself and my fiancé are big fans. She loves your show and you. She has a 30Th birthday comming up in May and I was wondering if you had time would you send her your regards? It would mean the world to her. Please contact me if you can do this!

  271. My husband and I both love the show. You have such a calm demeanor and you have done a great jobs solving your crimes. We have cabin in Westcliffe and went to Co. Springs yesterday and we both wanted to find you. Love ” My, my,my….”. And the Halloween commercial of wife going as you was hilarious. Glad to read you refused doing a script as that is why you are so popular…you are yourself. Hope you stay on the air. Karen & Mike Harper, Tulsa, Ok, Westcliffe, Co

  272. LOVE!!!!! the show especially the real Kenda. Would love an autographed picture please if possible. Use email for home address request. Thank you so much.

  273. Lt Joe Kenda. My Family has an Extremely High Profile Wrongful Death Case that requires your expertise and attention. Professional E-Sports Celebrity Phillip Klemenov was mysteriously killed in a car crash in Aurora, CO on Oct 2nd at around 2:30 am. Police have hidden all pertinent information/knowledge including withholding fingerprints on the gun, steering wheel, pictures, video, street cameras, and they even through out the car before we could view the wrecked vehicle. The car was not our sons and the owner of the vehicle as in the car at the time shooting his registered gun (Marcelous Johnson) out of the moving vehicle. The girl witness was seen by witnesses to have ejected from the vehicle before the flipping occurred and came out almost entirely unscathed (history of drugs, alcohol, compulsive lying, prescribed anti-deprescents and our son asked her to go back home to California that day. While our son was accused of driving (we do not have proof of this), and alcohol was said to be in his blood (we do not believe this test was accurate), his cell phone is still kept in evidence by Detective Audrey Crawford who will not deal with Phillip Klemenov’s Birth (only Mother), as Det. Crawford said in the 130 page police report that she Tweeted to our sons personal and professional Twitter Account that Natalia Ostapenko, Phillip’s Mom is dead and not his real mother. This case is highly suspicious of police cover up. The first officer on the scene, Officer Gomes was reported to have spent a great deal of time with the only living witness (Adriana Lemmus) in his squad car – speaking spanish with her and working on a cover up plan to protect her. It is likely that she was the cause of our son’s wrongful death and maybe even shot at our son inside the car causing the car to radically and for no apparent reason, cross 4 lanes with not skid marks and crash into the curb, flipping several times and causing the death of both our son Phillip Klemenov (Professional E Sports Video Gamer) and his friend Marcelous Johnson (owner of both vehicle and gun). Adriana Lemmus’ Testimonies are all conflicting and were taken while she was reported by police to be under the influence (while not charged with Internal Possession) and not held until sober (possibly on drugs too), for proper interrogation where 2 people were brutally killed. Lemmus was however, immediately given her cell phone back to spend 3 hours on the phone with her mother, Amy Lemmus to concoct a story. In addition, Officer Gomez strangely returned the Aurora Medical Center hours later to pull the breathing tube out of our sons mouth while in critical condition to “smell his breath for alcohol” after a BAC as already taken, withdrawing more blood for the BAC than was put into his body to save his life. Why did Officer Gomez not smell Phillip Klemenov’s breath for alcohol while Phillip cried for help, gasping for breath as he waited 45 minutes for the the 1st Reponders to arrive at around 3:00 AM???

  274. We love LT Joe Kenda!!! My boyfriend is a former United States Recon Marine and he absolutely loves your show as I do!! I appreciate his service and we appreciate yours!! Your are definitely a homicide hunter!! Congrats and thank you!!

  275. my name is kevin fowler i live in england i am a massive fan of your show homicide hunter,also is my sister annette, is. it is possible to have 2 signed photos one for me and one for my sister. Thanks yours hopefully kevin.

  276. Hi guys. I’m a huge fan in the UK and I just wanted to know how Joe got the scar on his nose?

    Was it in the line of duty during the apprehension of a suspect?

    Or was it something that could’ve happened to any of us?

    You have a great site here and I’m really looking forward to the response!

  277. I want to start this by saying “I love a smart ass”. You fit the bill.

    My husband is an accountant and we have recently decided to book our post tax season trip to Colorado Springs. At the time of booking, I told him that I was fine with the trip as long as I got to meet you! I was distressed later to find out that you no longer live there.

    I would love for you to recommend local restaurants for us to check out. Can you help?

  278. Joe:
    I lived in The springs from 88 to 95. Love the shows and the explanation of the scenarios I lived through during my time there. Some hit close to home on the north side. I was wondering if you ever had to shoot someone during your tenure.

  279. I have been watching since day 1. I love the show and have a “timer”I set weekly for so I don’t miss your show (yes, I know the finale for this season has passed). I wish that I could buy you a coffee/drink and just listen to a few of your stories . When I first hear “well, my my my” I was totally hooked. I have never written to anyone like this before and I’m sure that you don’t pay any attention to this site but If I am wrong, whee! I love your delivery as one can tell you are so sincere and I hope it is helping your nightmares. I also hope that this series continues for many more years as It is truly fascinating. Thank you for all you did and for sharing your feeling & emotions with us . I truly admire you!

  280. Dearest Lutenite Joe Kenda Please Help Me Get Closure And Get A Little Peace For The Deceased Woman And Her Family And Myself. I know this Muder Case can be Solved if a Homicide Detective like you would Investigate this Unsolved Cold Case. Please Help.

  281. Hello my name is gabriel newman im getting ahold of you because we need help a friend i went to school with who was only 21 had a mysteriouse sudden death her name was maranda whitton she was at a party on louisianna and went to walk diwn the road to see her grandmother where her cousins where with another guy while her fiance stayed at the party and that other guy came back without her and 5-6 days go by and they finally found her face diwn in the pond the cause of death changed from blunt force to the head to drownig but then no evidence of her drowning theres been all kinds of things they tried sayig caused her death they even arrested the guy she went walking with but turned around and let him go and said the case came to a roadblock and nothing else has been said or done about her case her friends and family desperately need your help!!!!!!we all need answers and now and she needs justice!!!!she was only 21 didnt get to start a family get married start a real life yet and we all need answers and closure for her friends and family

    1. I can and will provide you with more info once i recieve an email icluding the name of the guy they arrested and her sister and family and stuff they are doig whatever it takes to have their questions answered and closure they need found her justice served for her and her fiance please get ahold of us asap this hapopened last year and within a month or two they said there was a roadblock and didnt say or do anything else please lt. Joe kenda we need your help desperately and so does her family and other friends

  282. Dear Mr. Detective Kenda,

    my name is Derya and I am writing you from Switzerland.

    I am a big fan of you and your program. You are in my opinion the best detective ever.

    My brother is a police officer in Germany and I keep telling him about you and indeed he became also a big fan of you.

    It is amazing how you get things done, for example you knock the door and you do not leave until you get some answers :)) and when you ask the suspect whether you can come in, they literally have no chance other than to let you in because they know if they don’t let you in, then you will be back in few minutes with search warrant :))

    You are a legend, god bless you detective and I wished I had the pleasure and honor to meet you in person.

    Best Regards,


  283. I would be interested in getting his help in solving the mystery of my mother’s death. Some reports say suicide some say accidental and others say unknown. None of them make sense to me. Do you think if I give him the reports he could give his advice.

  284. Lt. Kenda, I have some very real info but due to the nature of it can’t post it public please contact me as it pertains to things when you were active. This is not a joke. Please contact me.

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