New Podcasts and a Thank You!

Look for the new ID DETECTIVE podcasts beginning in August 2015.  Lt. Joe leads off with 20/20 — twenty podcasts, each twenty minutes.  They’ll appear biweekly, every other Wednesday.

ID channel promotes this series as “juicy tidbits and shocking insights” from the world’s greatest real-life detectives.  But you know my brother-in-law when he talks about his life and cases.  Expect more juice, more shock, and certainly more insight than you can get from any other of the world’s greatest detectives.

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Thank you for all the comments.  I wish Lt. Joe could help each and every one of you.  I wish he could solve every cold case.  Unfortunately, he can’t. He is retired now.  Here is what he told Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

“If I lived another 100 years, I could not help all the people who need help.  I have no jurisdiction…I’m retired.  I am no longer an officer of the court.  Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t do it.”

We may not be able to reply individually to each comment, but we do read them all!

14 thoughts on “New Podcasts and a Thank You!

  1. I watch you faithfully. You rock! To bad our System hasn’t got an overload of good, caring, determined Law Enforcement Authorities like you today, LT. JOE KENDA. You crack me up when you tell those asinine jerk’s like it is and show them the way it is and NOT the way they think it’s going to go down. You, in my book, are one hell of a great guy. To bad we don’t have more like you today!!!

  2. Lt. Joe you are the model of what all police should be based off of!! Your show is so educational and informative, as it gives good examples of how anyone can be a killer. I just binged on an all day marathon of Homicide Hunter on Thanksgiving 2015 and I am thankful nothing like any of these events have ever happened to me or my family! You are so awesome to watch, love the dry humor and even my ‘crazy boyfriend’ loves the show!!
    God bless you, your family and Carl (it’s amazing how much he looks like you!)

  3. L.t Joe kenda you are absolutely amazing! I watch every episode of yours and there is no words to explain what a great man you are. If Only all police officers could be like you it would truly be a better world. Thank you for all you have done. I’m glad you made it through because considering the job you had I can’t imagine how many times you’d put your life on the line. I look forward to more homicide hunter it’s my all time fav!

  4. While I like Joe and the show is think it is important to remember and recognize he ditch NOT solve these murders by himself, he had a team of law enforcement professionals that helped him directly in each and every case. Apparently it was a very good team with a good leader, but still a team.

  5. It would seem logical that retired skilled homicide investigators such as Joseph Kenda would be invaluable in attempting to solve cold cases, which now may be solvable due to advancements in forensic science. Hopefully, Kenda and others share their investigative expertise with current homicide detectives.

  6. I wonder if Kenda’s spouse, Kathy, personally selected good-looking Carl Marino to portray her husband, who resembles a loveable basset hound.

  7. I watch Homicide Hunter religiously! I have seen every episode over and over! I absolutely love Joe and wish there were more detectives like him! What’s funny is my friends call me old because I’m 25 and Homicide Hunter is my favorite show. They don’t know what they’re missing lol

  8. My daughter in law and I love your show; the best one on ID! I have found some merchandise on other sites, but would love a Lt. Joe Kenda stuffed doll. In the commercials they show an ID addict that opens a drawer and there is a (doll? Cut out? paper doll?) I have only been able to find coffee cups and t shirts. We would love to find more merchandise.

  9. I do appreciate the fact Lt Kenda looks out for women and children. Too many police officers are macho narcissists who don’t respect women or their children. Unfortunately, I know all too well as I was sexually assaulted and found out much later the officer who seemed to be scribbling away during my statement, plum ‘forgot’ to write down the suspect’s description! And that’s why they ‘couldn’t find him.’ Thank you Metro Toronto Police! You let another one go.

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