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New Podcasts and a Thank You!

Look for the new ID DETECTIVE podcasts beginning in August 2015.  Lt. Joe leads off with 20/20 — twenty podcasts, each twenty minutes.  They’ll appear biweekly, every other Wednesday.

ID channel promotes this series as “juicy tidbits and shocking insights” from the world’s greatest real-life detectives.  But you know my brother-in-law when he talks about his life and cases.  Expect more juice, more shock, and certainly more insight than you can get from any other of the world’s greatest detectives.

Find “Detective” on iTunes and also on



Thank you for all the comments.  I wish Lt. Joe could help each and every one of you.  I wish he could solve every cold case.  Unfortunately, he can’t. He is retired now.  Here is what he told Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

“If I lived another 100 years, I could not help all the people who need help.  I have no jurisdiction…I’m retired.  I am no longer an officer of the court.  Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t do it.”

We may not be able to reply individually to each comment, but we do read them all!