News on Season 5!

Good news!  Lt. Joe has arrived in Colorado to begin production on the fifth season of Homicide Hunter.

Even better news!  The fifth season is expanded to 20 shows.


53 thoughts on “News on Season 5!

    1. My my my…I got a crush on Joe Kenda too! It’s just something sexy about this man. I’m addicted to Homicide Hunter. I DVR all the shows and sometimes watch them over. Keep up the good work ID. Dont ever cancel Joe’s show. I would be sick, my my my!

      1. I am so addicted to Homicide Hunter! My daughter teases me about my huge crush on Kenda. SHE IS IN HER TWENTIES AND NEVER MISSES AN EPISODE. LOL

  1. wouldn’t miss your shows for all the money in the world ! thank you Lt. Kenda (joe) for all your service in law enforcement ! I hope you have many more seasons also ! God bless you and your family !

  2. One of best true crime shows I’ve seen! IDEA: Show, periodically, the cases Joe couldn’t solve. Also, after each episode an option to see court trial. Just a thaught. PLEASE…NEVER CANCEL THIS SERIES!

  3. I can’t wait for the next season. If you threw 20 seasons of this at me, I’d probably die of not sleeping. This show is awesome.

  4. The best program on Television. Waiting for new episodes as I have seen all of the previous episodes…at least twice. Joe Kenda seems to be a genuine person who also happens to be a witty and genius detective. Det. Joe (ie. Actor Carl M.) is easy to stare at too. Come on next season!!

  5. Love Joe Kenda! So happy to learn Season 5 will be here and better still that there will be TWENTY episodes! WOW! Never cancel this excellent series.

  6. The expert production, the compelling case files & the charming/ intelligent Lt. Joe all help to create the BEST true crime shows. Looking forward to the expanded 20 episode/5th season!

  7. I hope you keep making this series, too. Kenda has bumped my favorite LEO, Sheriff Andy of Mayberry (which is sadly fictional, but hopefully based on some real guys/ladies). to it now being one real and genuine LEO, Homicide Hunter Lt Joe Kenda!
    Something about him just gives me such hope for humanity and a sense that there is real peace and common sense in this world.
    His show, while showing horrible stark reality, IMHO, gifts us with Lt Joe Kenda’s calm and intelligent, riveting narrating of his cases. I just instantly liked him from the get-go. Esp. since I seem to always be going thru or dealing with so many of the crazies in the public and everywhere.
    I stopped watching most crime shows and would cruise thru shows looking for this series. And that’s because of the dramatic grandstanding of some of the hosts, no matter their credentials. So many of them just began to seem extremely judgemental. Kenda does not come across that way.

  8. Big fans of the show!! Looking forward to Season 5. Thanks Lt Kenda for the laughs on the show and your hard work with Law Enforcement!

  9. I love this show, and am so excited for another season. This is one of the shows that my husband and I can’t wait to watch together.

  10. Thank goodness for season 5. Husband and i having withdrawal symptoms from not getting enough of homicide hunter on Tuesdays. Please come back soon.

  11. I love this program. I grew up about 20 miles from Joe Kenda, in an equally small town (Trafford) at the same time. And I also spent four years in Colorado Springs (January 1970 to December of 1973).

  12. Absolutely the BEST show ever! I hope there will be many more seasons. I wish more people had his values, drive and honesty.

  13. I love the show and dr all the shows. I am thrilled it has been renewed for a 5th season! And the new season will have 20 shows?? Great! My my my!

  14. My brother and I believe this is the finest hour of television programming each and every week it airs. Twenty episodes = Yahoo

  15. Although I am a retired Firefighter and I come from a family of firefighters we do have two LEOs in the mix. Joe Kenda is my new hero! His passion is admirable and his humor is priceless, keep up the good work Lt. and keep putting away the bad guys!

  16. To Lt. Joe Kenda;

    Of all the different variety of forensic style shows, and showing the progression of how technology has made life easier for Law Enforcement and safer for the public in general. However what stands out the most on your show and why I find it among the best of the crime mystery stories out there, is because you don’t focus on how much damage can be done on the take down in the pursuit of a hostile.

    You show more of what goes on with the emotions of those trying to bring relief to families as they enter perhaps the darkest chapters of their lives. To date two of my favorite episodes you’ve shared, one was probably one of the most painful in which you had to endure, I sincerely wish that you and your family could have been spared losing a close friend in that manner. I can deeply sympathize. The other surrounded your first case, showing how the smallest detail at times can be worth more than a witness, or it’s weight in gold, what a great way to put an end to the hazing rituals all Rookies endure.

    Well I hope you continue to share the experiences you’ve gone through, I really love your show and I rarely take the time to write any such correspondences.

    C.D. Strahle

    1. s j smith.. Driving me crazy as well .. Here is the song…… (Caught A Ghost – No Sugar In My Coffee LYRICS (The Vampire Diaries))

  17. LOVE the show! I KNOW Joe did his job well, but I’m curious, did he ever have any cold cases? With his skills and modern forensics it would be interesting, if there was such a case, to see if it could be solved.

  18. I am addicted to this show. True crime is true crime, but Lt. Kenda’s dryer than dry sense of humor is so entertaining, I’d love to just spend 30 minutes talking to him. If anyone knows the name of the song in the new commercial, please post it. I’ve written down what lyrics I did hear and an trying to search it, but haven’t found it yet. If I do, I’ll let ya’ll know. Hope this show stays on, if only for Kenda’s witty comebacks.

  19. I have only just discovered Homicide Hunter this year. Now I’m hooked on the program. I watched all of series 2 in one Saturday. I have just received Lt Joe and Carl’s autographed photo’s. I can’t wait for series 5 to start. if it’s just half as good as the past series, then it will still be brilliant. It is one of the best programs on TV. Lt Joe’s unique storytelling and his little quips plus Carl’s Great acting in the Re-Enactements, really make a great Double act in Homicide Hunter.
    Well done to all involved in making this program.

  20. I want joe Kenda to find this new series 5 on my TV listings as I have scrolled an re scrolled and it’s not there. Not a single person at Sky can tell me where it is.

  21. Thank-you Lt Joe Kenda. Love your show. Can’t wait for season 5 to start. We watch in Canada. I would love a picture and autograph if possible .

  22. I have the great fortune to be a resident of Colorado Springs since 1994. I just discovered Homicide Hunter a few months ago and am catching up on previous seasons. As a true crime junkie, this show fills all my expectations. I’m very glad to see more filming is being done in The Springs. Curious as to when Lt Joe retired or solved his last case here…there were a couple murders over the years that had us curious and wondered if Kenda was involved. Keep up the good work!!

  23. Homicide Hunter is far and away the best crime show I have ever seen! I am a committed fan. Lt. Kenda adds interesting dimensions that are unseen in other crime shows. I am amazed at his ability to ad lib his narrations. I wish we had thousands more of Lt. Kenda’s ilk in law enforcement.

  24. I love this show and so glad to know it will be returning. I would like to see the shows of all four hundred murders that Kenda solved. I am hooked on this program because it is real and the narration is fantastic.

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